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2016/05/19 16:49 UTC

Winner Godsent

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FSid3 vs. Godsent at Starladder

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Alrighty so this is a tricky matchup. Straight off the bat I would favor Godsent, I think they are a team with a lot of potential that if stick to it and work hard to get somewhere ,they really have what it takes I feel. The overall vibe around this Godsent lineup for me is really good, however they just do not give the results on a consistent basis. They did well at their first LAN together and ever since then even further,  online they have been slacking, they are just so underwhelming at times, especially online once again which I am not liking at all since I want the team to do well and I think they can do well, they can be one of the best tier 2 teams, if not a tier 1 team if they stick to it, however eh, lets just see with time. With Godsent it really depends if Twist and Znajder in particular can deliver, if these two go off, especially Twist then it is usually gg wp and they take the game, however when they go quiet, not often that somebody else steps up for the team enough so that they win, it is possible as Pauf and Lekr0 are not bad players, however they are not to the quality of Twist and Znajder I do not think.

With Flipsid3 I feel like they are way too comfortable. They have an org who is behind them that is content with their results, the players are aging a bit and still getting solid results, however I do not think that they put in enough work. That is apparently the reason that Bondik left F3, and that other pro players have said that F3 is just too comfortable, they are not fighting to improve, and it is a real pitty since they have played, especially WorldEdit, the guy is so good that it’s a struggle to see him not achieve anything great. The addition of Waylander is a anticlimax one too, he isn’t a bad player however he is no Bondik to me, I do not see him as a regular carry for them, which Bondik was able to provide. He is WayLANder however, him at the major was unreal and if he can bring his tops for again, you never know. Overall, 60-40 Godsent for me here.


3% GS under 67%, otherwise 3% F3

My odds = 60-40 GS

My risk = High

My bet = 3% GS under 67%, otherwise 3% F3

My advice  = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 40:60 Godsent

Option 2Bet FSid3 if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Fside and these events are like melted cheese on pizza, they just go together well. We have not seen a lot of the FS boys recently, but they have been working incredibly hard for this event. They all have 100+ hours the last two weeks on CS and this shows you they have been putting in the hours required. Most of you will know by now FS has a unique way of calling, and as such it takes time to fit in a new member to their roster. WayLander should be comfortable now, which means his level should improve. Godsent are a CT side, there is no other way to put it. They really come alive on the CT side, and struggle on the T side. The other key thing is, they seem to be a LAN side, that is how I imagine them anyway, which means player such as Lekr0 should show a higher level at this event than in recent times. The last time these two sides player it was incredibly close, and although Godsent seem to virtually always have the upper hand in their games, I do still believe FS has a chance here. If Fside are below 35%, I would for sure drop 2-3% on them.

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 Godsent

Option 1Bet Godsent if odds 60% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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