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2016/06/22 20:36 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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FSid3 vs. Na’Vi at ELeague

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First map of the day between these two and we find ourselves on Overpass. This is a map that whenever these two have met on it ,the last two times at least, Na’Vi has struggled and F3 won not the most recent one, but the previous one, and the most recent one they had a lead that they choked away. This is a map that is good for both teams, however I’d favor Na’Vi on it. This is historically one of Na’Vi’s best, if not best map and they can definitely be really strong on it. The thing here is that both of these teams are majority Ukrainian and they know eachother well, heck, Flipsid3’s style is around how Na’Vi play, they are basically a mini Na’Vi, so matches between these two are often times very interesting. I do think that Na’Vi should recover after both of their losses yesterday, especially the EchoFox one, and while F3 looked good yesterday, not sure if they can 2-0 Na’Vi here, I Can see them snatching a map here, but two should be disappointing for Na’Vi, very. Yesterday the ”Perfect” situation Flipsid3 showed up, they had a hard carry in Markeloff the first map, and WOrldedit on the second map, and for me right now those two are probably their key fragger, WordlEdit being the main obviously, however often times you do not see these type of performances, and that is when Flipsid3 just completely go ghost mode, nowhere to be seen. The defeat to EchoFox I hope will push Na’Vi back to ground and they will regroup and take this. Overall, 65-35 Na’Vi. BO1 though and these are always fun….not


5% Na’Vi under 72%, otherwise 2% F3

My odds = 65-35 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Na’Vi under 72%, otherwise 2% F3

My advice  = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 Na’Vi

Option 2Bet FSid3 if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

I guess we can already call it a classic matchup since Na’Vi and FlipSid3 keep playing against each other in all those lan events, Na’Vi won most of the previous encounters but it definitely wasn’t easy, FlipSid3 always manage to put up a good fight, especially on overpass as FlipSid3 actually beat Na’Vi on that map 16-9 during Counter Pit League Finals, their next match on overpass was also very close, it was around a month ago during Starladder Finals and FlipSid3 managed to get 14 rounds, sadly lost 14-16.

So FlipSid3 are definitely very good on overpass and they know how to play against Na’Vi, however Na’Vis results on that map are way better overall, they rarely lose to weaker teams and managed to get a couple of impressive wins on it, while FlipSid3 got stomped by Kinguin, SK Gaming and few other teams, another thing is that FlipSid3’s players are slightly weaker individually, they don’t have any superstars like flamie or GuardiaN who can single handedly destroy teams of that caliber, and yea, FlipSid3 have shara who’s probably the worst “professional” player right now.

Na’Vi should be taking this match, it might be quite hard but I believe they will end up winning here.

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 Na’Vi

Navi looked pretty shaky yesterday and split the series with both teams. I do expect they will step their level up today but Fside have shown before they know how to play overpass, and they are good at it, and have beaten Navi on it before. They showed good and bad things yesterday overall, as well as their opponent, and I really believe on a map like this, FS will have their chances. If they can keep GuardiaN quiet, and the other star players are off their game a bit, this could be interesting. 65-35 for Navi.

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 Na’Vi

Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 65% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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