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2016/09/13 20:00 UTC

Winner G2

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G2 Esports vs. dignitas

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First map of the day between these two and we find ourselves on Cobblestone. This is a really tricky one since both teams are seemingly in good form, of course G2 are coming home from that disappointing LAN final loss to NiP, however they did well on the 2nd map and unlucky not to pull it to the 3rd and perhaps win it, their run to the finals was impressive however. Digntias have slowly been climbing their way up and they are looking good, the addition of Magiskboy I think has done wonders for the team and like I said yesterday, if they can like add Valde perhaps for MSL, that team is looking deadly. This is difficult since I believe G2 are only home for a day so I’m unsure how into this match they will be, Shox seemed optimistic on Twitter saying they need to 2-0 Digntias, however will they be jetlagged and what not? Who knows, it’s hard to judge these kind of things. I do think that G2 are the better team on their day, they honestly need to replace Smithz with like KennyS or something because Smithz rarely performs and it’s not that he doesn’t perform but that he just messes up a lot. Seeing how this is a BO1, I can not stress enough that Dignitas can easily pull this home. so be careful, really high risk match here. 55-45 G2. I think that G2 will manage to squeeze this out as long as they continue their good form.


3% G2 under 62%, otherwise 3% Dig

My odds = 55-45 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 3% G2 under 62%, otherwise 3% Dig

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: G2 55:45 Dignitas

These two teams played a best of three on Starladder few days ago, Gamers2 won both maps (cobble, dust2) 16-12 and 16-13, this time we have the exact same maps and honestly I feel like dignitas will play better online, they always look weaker on lan events and I’m sure they feel more comfortable playing online matches. So the first map is cobblestone and if dignitas were to win one of these two, cobble is definitely their map here, they always pick it whenever they can, even though sometimes they just lose to shitty teams, I’m sure they feel comfortable on it though, and they already have experience against Gamers2 on that map.

Gamers2 kinda struggled on cobble lately, I mean, they still won all three matches on cobble, G2 beat ENVYUS and dignitas 16-13, and Kinguin 19-15 in overtime, nothing special to be honest, on top of that Gamers2 are not nearly as good online as they are on lan events, so basically the complete opposite of dignitas.

This match is 50-50, just play the odds and bet on dignitas.

My odds for this match: G2 50:50 Dignitas

Dig vs G2 should be a really good game. Both maps you could argue could go either way, and both games are important for both sides. G2 of course fresh off their final performance at the recent LAN, where they actually took down Dig, will go into this game full of confidence. So will the Dig boys though, who took down Heroic today, and their loss against G2 was incredibly close. It really could have gone either way, if not for shox and a few key pistol rounds. Overall looking at the maps, you have to favour G2 on D2, and dig on Cobble, although dig have shown they can play D2 as well. LOW on Dig for Cobble, and then LOW on G2 for D2.

My odds for this match: G2 45:55 Dignitas


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