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G2 Esports

Northern Arena

Best Of 1
2016/11/11 16:25 UTC

Winner Heroic

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G2 Esports vs. Heroic CS:GO

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That is a one risky matchup, a best of one between two struggling teams, especially Gamers2 who were considered as the best team in the world by the time they won ECS Season 1 and placed second on ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals, now they are losing majority of their matches and their map pool is way weaker than it used to be, RpK also became quite bad even though he used to be the most consistent player in the roster alongside shox. Gamers2 still rarely lose against weaker teams, in fact the weakest team they lost to over the last 30 days was dignitas, so G2 are still alright.

Heroic are on a downhill, they have been struggling ever since gla1ve left the team, I didn’t think it will get to the point where Heroic lose to teams like fnatic Academy, but they actually lost to them on a lan event, also lost to Space Soldiers, HellRaisers and Epsilon, beat LDLC and Liquid, but they are just not that good anymore. I still believe that adding Niko improved their fragging power, but they have no team play and zero strats without gla1ve, I’m affraid their puggy style won’t work against a team of higher caliber like Gamers2.

So, I’m not entirely confident here since there is a chance we might see a map like nuke, train or cobble which are good upset maps for Heroic, but I strongly believe that Gamers2 will take it, even with Heroic’s puggy style G2 should be able to outplay them individually, I wouldn’t go for anything above a small bet though, it’s still a best of one.

My odds for this match: G2 Esports 70:30 Heroic


Tough, tough BO1 here but straight off the bat I think that this one should favor G2 a bit. Heroic are a decent side, they’ve of course recently replaced Gla1ve for Niko, not by choice of course and actually, I had hoped in Niko but damn it’s good to see him performing so far at least. If Valde and Niko can go off here for Heroic they can definitely give G2 a run for their money, especially if they start off as slow as they did yesterday vs CoL where they went down 7-0 before winning 14 rounds in a row lol. That will work against CoL for G2, however, start that slow versus better teams and you will be punished for it hardcore. We saw a huge rise in Heroic over the past two or three months, however, I think they’ve finally landed down a bit, can it all be put on the leaving of Gla1ve? I don’t think so, I think the team was overachieving in the first place because while the team is decent, you can’t expect to be considered amongst the likes of G2, NiP, Astralis etc with the likes of Friis, Snappi, and Moddii on your team, they might be decent role players but not exactly a lot of fragging power and they will just be abused by the likes of Na’Vi, SK, G2 etc. Heroic did destroy Liquid yesterday but then again Liquid themselves are in shambles, they’ve lost Peacemaker and if you think back to Liquid pre-Peacemaker….sad sad times I must say. G2 are the better side here and should be winning, however, we do have to remember that this is a BO1 and if CoL can get 12 rounds, you have to be wary. 65-35 G2. It must be said that in this event if there is any team that is stopping the French domination it is probably Heroic.


5% G2 under 72% otherwise 2% Heroic

My odds = 65-35 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 5% G2 under 72% otherwise 2% Heroic

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: G2 Esports 65:35 Heroic

Hard to call game to be honest. Hard to tell how good or bad G2 are right now and hard to tell how good or bad Heroic are too. Liquid have been really poor, so their performance against Heroic might have just meant Heroic were a little bit better. G2 looked poor at the start against coL, and looked kind of poor in their game against Envy too. The hard thing here is calling the map. There are not many choices past Cobble and perhaps train, and I don’t rate G2 THAT highly on either of these maps. With it being a BO1, I do favour G2 but the odds and the maps scare me. I think I will go REALLY LOW on Heroic and see what happens, but I do expect G2 to take it.

My odds for this match: G2 Esports 60:40 Heroic


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