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2016/12/17 15:10 UTC

Winner G2 Esports

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G2 Esports vs. Vega Squadron CS:GO

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So it seems like we are starting off with an easy match once again, there is no reason to believe that Vega Squadron would have any chance of winning this match, this is a qualifier for one of the biggest events in the game and Gamers2 should never lose to a bunch of mediocre players here. Vega Squadron started off with a win against CLG and then got wrecked by Immortals which obviously isn’t surprising, they seemed completely lost and didn’t know what to do to start winning rounds on cache, it also seems like their map pool isn’t that strong, they lost lots of online matches against terrible tons on multiple maps, so there you have one more reason to bet against them.

Not much to add really, Gamers2 are the heavy favorites here and honestly, I just don’t see them losing to Vega Squadron, even in a best of one, G2’s players are just way godlike individually, Vega’s players are nowhere near that level. Medium bet on Gamers2 should be fine here, they should win this match no matter what and I believe they will.

My odds for this match: G2 Esports 75:25 Vega


Pretty simple stuff here. G2 are in a pretty bad spot at the moment and I do not see them dropping a match of such importance versus a team like Vega. Vega did beat however just barely managed to scrape past a poor CLG side and that is with Mir having the game of his life, I do not see that repeating and versus an opposition like G2 it just should not happen. Vega are not a horrible team, NBK was saying on Twitter that in scrims they always show themselves well, however, that is scrims and I mean, surely not G2, surely. G2 just aim wisely are a lot better here and yes memes aside smithz hur durr so bed playur, he should be able to just out aim the players on Vega. That being said, bookies have the same mindset here and the odds aren’t very good on this, and even with parlaying Dignitas, Envy and G2 you only have like 1.4 odds so it really is not worth a bet here. I’d overall just skip this, G2 will probably ez pz winthis however you need to make a huge bet here to make any sort of a return and BO1…meh 75-25 G2 here.


Skip this, not much value to be found. Maybe G2 + Under 26.5 rounds if that gives you somewhat decent odds. I see this being very one sided.

My odds = 75-25 G2

My risk = Medium

My odds for this match: G2 Esports 75:25 Vega

The main problem Vega have here is the best map they have for an upset on, is the default veto for G2 and this is why I feel like the chance for an upset is really small. G2 are one of those sides that can have poor losses sometimes and can tilt easily but I find it hard to believe they would throw a game like this that would put them so close to the major and a game that is the easiest of the day they could have had. They need to be careful and focused and not underestimate but if things go as planned, g2 should take this one.

My odds for this match: G2 Esports 70:30 Vega


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