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2016/05/31 20:30 UTC

Winner G2

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G2 vs. Selfless at ELeague

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Once again I’ll paste the same prediction for both maps because Gamers2 are not going to lose any of these.

Gamers2 improved a ton recently and the recent roster change seems to be working out very well for them, Ex6TenZ was their problem and having body instead of him really improved their fragging power, I had some doubts at the start since I never really liked shox as a strat caller but he’s doing great and G2’s results are very impressive. Gamers2 had a great event recently, it was ESL Pro League finals where they were just a single round away from winning the entire event but unfortunately lost the match against Luminosity in the grand final, either way, Gamers2 beat fnatic, Optic and Luminosity there which is great, other than that, Gamers2 also played a couple of great online matches, they went 8-0 in maps since the EPL Finals, four matches in total against, dignitas, fnatic and NiP without dropping a single map, that’s insane.

Not much to say about Selfless, they changed a couple of players and their team looks really bad right now, they didn’t play any matches with Connor yet, but he’s pretty bad and not very experienced in my opinion, played in ESEA Premier for few seasons but they dropped to Main and he’s been there for 2 seasons already. Another thing about Selfless is that they had literally no time to practice since they signed Connor few days ago and flew straight to Atlanta for this event. That should be it for Selfless.

Gamers2 should be able to wreck Selfless on any possible map, I would be extremely surprised if they actually dropped a map against a mediocre mix team of North American “leftovers”.

My odds for this match: G2 90:10 Selfless


Lets keep this one shorter since there really is not much to say. On one hand we have G2, a team that has been looking really promising and showing great improvements versus teams not many gave them chances against, on the other side we have Selfless who just lost Uber and added Connor, this will be their first game together, official one at least and it is on a LAN, where the Selfless boys historically are not very good, against a top tier 2 European team that is demolishing everyone. I WONDER HOW THIS WILL GO! But yeah, do I rate Connor? Not quite, I mean I’ve barely ever heard of him and don’t expect much, plus he is replacing Uber, eh. Like, G2 just should not lose this, sure it is a BO1 and what not, but like really, if you put logic to it, this will be so hard and should just be not plausible. 90-10 G2.


15% G2

My odds = 90-10 G2

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% G2

My advice = 15% G2.

My odds for this match: G2 90:10 Selfless

Honestly, I don’t see how G2 lose this game at all, unless a MASSIVE UPSET happens. They have replaced one of their better players, with a guy who was playing really low tier NA til recently. I do think he seems a decent player, but this is G2, at a massive event. Selfless getting above 10 rounds right now seems unthinkable. The first map is Cache, which is actually a good map for the Selfless boys, but it is also a good map for G2. The aim of G2 should be superior, and Cache is a map you can get away with out aiming people on. With the odds being so bad, it is almost not worth it to bet, unless you want to include it in an accumulator or something such as this. Overall though, should be an easy win for G2 unless a massive upset happens.

My odds for this match: G2 90:10 Selfless


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