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Winter Classic

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2016/02/09 02:35 UTC

Winner GAcademy

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GAcademy vs. WinterFox at Winter Classic

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Going to keep this one a bit shorter since there is little time left before it starts, some of you Europeans might be heading to bed!



People are making GA to be gods here, and while they might be quite good, and yes the favorites for this match, not 70%+ worthy, especially considering they are playing Winterfox in a BO1. I was watching Games Academy play Tectonic in a BO1 Dust2 a few days ago, and it was a clear representation of what NA BO1’s are, Drone was having the game of his life and he carried Tectonic really hard on T side, they won the half 10-5 I believe, but of course on CT he was not able to carry as hard, so they lost 16-13. My point however is, that all it requires is for the Winterfox guys to be on fire, or at least a few of them, land a few headshots, win a few pistols and that is it, a map in the bag, it really isn’t hard, especially since these two teams are quite close skill wise. You could make for a case for Winterfox to be better than GA when they are on form, however eh, we do not see that form nearly enough. With Winterfox it is a lottery, either you get a good team in the server, or you get 5 bots with good aim, and I mean at 30% I am willing to sacrifice a low bet on that. Winterfox all live in a house together, and you really do expect them to start improving, so I am going to put some sort of faith in them. 55-45 GA here, really high risk.


Going to play the odds here with a low bet, if both teams are on fire, it should be a really close game. NA BO1, anything can happen. Going to go low Winterfox most likely since they are at 30%, however. Going to bet Winterfox unless they are favorites on Lounge, in which case I will go on GA, but that is unlikely to happen.

My odds = 55-45 GA

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Winterfox unless favorites, in which case 2-3% GA.

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: GAcademy 55:45 WinterFox

GAcademy and Winterfox are both on completely different tiers right now, considering how well GAcademy is performing, winning against these tier 2 – 3 NA teams such as Torqued, Splyce and even Winterfox themselves. GAcademy and their lineup are considered one of the top 3 Brazilian teams, under right under Luminosity, saying a lot about how well they perform in the NA area. The lineup is spectacular especially considering how there was a small roster change with boltz and felps joining team GAcademy after switching out fnx and TACO. The talent on the team is very well rounded, as no one is being the “anchor” weighing down the team. A slight downside to this team is the somewhat frantic leading, as this team has problems getting on track after being thrown off by a surprise team by an enemy team which is visible through GAcademy’s game against Luminosity (Cache 11/19/15) and Cloud9 (Cobble 11/18/15). Even with the chips in this team’s leadership, GAcademy is far ahead of team Winterfox.

Now onto Winterfox, this team is nowhere near GAcademy. Even with the occasional upset against teams such as OpTic and even GAcademy (1/3 maps won in BO3), Winterfox is at their lowest point they can be in their career. Winterfox WAS considered top-NA potential to only be considered a huge flop of a team, even after months of being together. The talent WAS spectacular with players such as Anger (an occasionally amazing fragger) and XP3 (an AWPer that’s somewhat amazing) even some players with aim that should be on top NA teams with Desi and Flowsick. Sadly, this team has poor in game leadership especially for the talent that’s on this team. Poor player placement along with the horrendous disability to read the simplest and repetitive strategies from enemy teams. This lack of sufficient in game leadership is shown through Winterfox’s mediocre performance against teams such as NME, Obey.Alliance (unnecessarily close games) and even Just Make It Fast (unnecessarily close games). Sure, Winterfox won against teams such as OpTiC and (new) TSM but these teams were mistakes train-wrecks waiting to happen if we’re being honest. The only maps that Winterfox can honestly play well on is the generic Dust 2, which honestly isn’t saying much considering Dust 2 only requires great aim (which this team has) and barely sufficient leadership.

In the end, GAcademy is far ahead of the already-dead Winterfox in terms of skill, leadership and tiers. Unless the map in this BO1 is Dust 2, I can’t see GAcademy having a problem with Winterfox at all.

Bet: Medium GAcademy

My odds for this match: GAcademy 65:35 WinterFox


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