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2015/08/25 18:35 UTC

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eB vs. Evolution @GameAgents League

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eBettle vs Evolution [GameAgents League]

Maps: BO2: TBA, TBA
LAN / Online: Online
Personal Odds 40% – 60% Evolution
Risk: High – Med
Bet: Low – Med Evolution (Low Highly Recommended)

eBettle: peet, GruBy, Hyper, rallen, Furlan
Evolution: arch, s1mple, CyberFocus, fix, spaz

— The case for eBettle is the exact same for FlipSid3’s being a team also coming from a huge, exhausting major although for this team it’s extremely different as most of the players on this team have never had an exhausting time playing in a major such as ESL, Katowice or DreamHack. I’m sure most of the players are still recovering and I doubt that they’re even more than 60% ready to play in this match or even the entire league alone. Especially having it be a team such as eBettle, a more under experienced team that they’ll more than likely have to be reusing strategies they used from the major, which again is similar to FlipSid3’s case making it easy for Evolution to read if anything else, that is if they (S1mple) will even care to see what eBettle has had up they’re sleeve in the past week or so.

In terms of performance, not much was shown from eBettle as they’ve had it really hard in Cologne, for one being absolutely steam rolled in front of hundreds of thousands of people by Fnatic, then having a game that was extremely close with CLG. During the battle against CLG, eBettle looked like they were doing some things extremely well (for a team of their status) with their pushes, splits, smoke and fakes but then again they were playing a more passive approach to times when they should’ve been more offensive at times (pushing sites on T side). Other than that, missed shots was a big thing I’ve seen eBettle do. Just whiffing shots that should’ve been kills but instead lead up to a building tower of inevitable deaths and a loss that was unforeseeable.

But then again, this performance was when they were at their BEST, meaning that they will more likely than not perform at 75% or less at this rate against Evolution, especially after coming from, again, a major which should’ve drained eBettle of their energy.

— Evolution’s drive to win this game could be a completely different one from their game against FlipSid3, especially since these two teams don’t have any bad blood between each other meaning that no one (S1mple) will be out for blood in this match. So their passion to win this game won’t be as huge, but it’s still a LOT larger than eBettle’s at this point especially since eBettle will be dead tired.

Evolution’s lineup is more than likely as well built as eBettle’s, if not slightly better or worse. Players like S1mple and Davcost, 2 extremely experienced players being placed on Evolution can carry the team across the finish line. Spaz is an under rated player from Evolution who can definitely handle himself almost as well as S1mple and Davcost at times with his previous performances. Evolution is an under rated team and shouldn’t really be held to such a low standard with the lineup that this team carries (it’s almost outstanding how the odds are so one sided). While we have the three major players (S1mple, Davcost and Spaz) playing on this team, the other two players, arch and fix, are two players who aren’t exactly unique or special players who’ll be dropping insane frags left and right but should be able to make some great backup and support for the pushes that come from the stars. Either way, this team is a lineup that is extremely under rated and is looking to show their true potential tonight in their games against FlipSid3 and eBettle.


— Having eBettle return from an extremely tiring major and most likely burnt like a used match, Evolution is here to make their name as the underdog who’ll win the game. At most expect each team to win one map but since the odds are skeweed, we’re going to have an underdog bet here with Evolution.

Bet: Low – Med Evolution

My odds for this match: eBettle 40:60 Evolution


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