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GameAgents League

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2015/08/25 20:20 UTC



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FSid3 vs. E-Frag @GameAgents League

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FlipSid3 vs E-Frag [GameAgents]

— The case here for FlipSid3 is the same as all the others prior to this game, and it’s more than likely to be a drag for FlipSid3 if anything else. FlipSid3 is drop dead tired after coming back from their games at the ESL Major then returning to be placed on the spot in this league against Evolution and E-Frag. Even after their first game I’m sure most of the FlipSid3 players will be mentally drained of all their power to just even play against E-Frag after their first game against Evolution, and I’m telling you right now that Evolution is looking forward to giving FlipSid3 hell, most likely the similar case with E-Frag and I’ll explain why later.

Performance with FlipSid3 as surprisingly great in the middle of the tournament after they took out Mouz in a seat clenching game that was extremely close for all bettors alike. Players such as Markeloff and Bondik dropping nutty frags like they were crumbs for pigeons from an old lady in a park. DavCost played a decent roll as he was technically a last minute stand in for S1mple (in my opinion). With this type of performance against Mouz, I’d love to see it happen again today agaisnt E-Frag but I’m sad to say that this is more than likely not going to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them to do more than half as well as they did during the major. Although, I’m sure that more than half the team isn’t even more than 85% prepared for this game as they’re going to be worn and torn mentally and most likely, if not, physically ready for this match against E-Frag. At most, expect this team to at most one map from this game but I doubt that the team will get both maps if E-Frag is determined to win, and unlike Evolution, E-Frag has an extremely high chance at winning this.

The lineup and performance was with FlipSid3 at the majors but I doubt that’ll be the case in the GameAgents league, being burnt out and all. At most, FlipSid3 should be in it mentally enough to play the team in one map if not less.

— E-Frag is the team that’ll be the ones to most likely take this game agaisnt FlipSid3 if it isn’t Evolution taking it. E-Frag is an extremely under rated team known for taking down teams such as Dignitas, Titan and at least once, Virtus Pro. If you don’t know right now, E-Frag is known as (ex) G-Play if the alias they run under (E-Frag) doesn’t ring any bells to you. Some background behind G-Play is that they are known for taking down some top tier and great 2nd tier teams with their elaborate players and play style, but those details I’ll save for later. All that is known for now is that this is an extremely great time for E-Frag to prove they’re not some run down team but a team that can call themselves a 2nd tier team at best.

The team play style is extremely reminiscent of a mix between a power and elaborate fluctuating play that’ll change on the spot depending on the other team. E-Frag will go defensive or offensive on the fly depending on the other team but then will go for the unexpected power play occasionally when they’ve think they set their play style into their opponent’s head. The problem with this play style is that the team is more than likely read in positions of changing play styles so other teams will take advantage of that then turning the tables and playing off E-Frag, which is really ironic. But then again, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the team out on the field so hopefully they refined their play style to make sure they can redeem their names in this game against FlipSid3.

The players on this team slightly remind me of a(n extremely) downgraded top tier team having each player able to think for themselves, have their own play style and not rely on each other, sort of similar to Fnatic but not being exactly the geniuses that Fnatic hold themselves to. The players themselves are able to hold themselves against teams such as FlipSid3 although anything more would be overkill.


— Today, E-Frag is a team that should be the one to take out Fsid3 if it isn’t Evolution today. Having a strong lineup, E-Frag is slightly under rated especially since FlipSid3 will be playing like they are slightly hung over but other than that, expect each team to at least pull one map for each of them. For now, we’re going with a small – med bet on E-Frag since Fsid3 won’t be themselves after being worn out like old shoes.

Bet: Low – Med E-Frag

My odds for this match: FSid3 40:60


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