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2015/08/25 16:00 UTC

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FSid3 vs. Evolution @GameAgents League

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FlipSId3 vs Evolution [GameAgents League]

Maps: BO2: TBA, TBA
Lan / Online: Online
Personal Odds: 45% – 55% Evolution
Risk: High
Bet: Low Evolution

Flipsid3: WorldEdit, B1ad3, markeloff, bondik, DavCost
Evolution: arch, s1mple, cyberfocus, fix, spaz

— FlipSid3 just came from ESL Cologne 2015, meaning they’re more burnt out than a used match stick. I honestly doubt with FlipSid3 coming from an extremely tiring, exhausting and stressful event that they’ll be at tip top shape level after exerting all the energy and mind power they had at the major. I feel as FlipSid3 is just going to use this game as a match to burn old strategies that they had used over at ESL, meaning that they should easily be read by Evolution.

But instead of being burnt out, FlipSid3 could still put on a performance that surprised us as much as it had at ESL with the team taking down Mouz which was extremely uncalled for. Along with that, player performance was spectacular during the LAN even with DavCost playing as a (in my opinion) a last minute replacement for S1mple. With Markeloff and Bondik working extremely hard to take frags and names out against Mouz, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them to do more than half as well as they did during the major. Although, I’m sure that more than half the team isn’t even more than 85% prepared for this game as they’re going to be worn and torn mentally and most likely, if not, physically ready for this match against Evolution. At most, expect this team to at most one map from this game but I doubt that the team will get both maps if Evolution is determined to win, which I’m sure they are.

— On the other hand we have Evolution or in my words, the “S1mple’s Revenge” team. Evolution is going to make no mistake to lose this one but at least tie it, especially S1mple after is departure from FlipSid3 (and the shade that some FlipSid3 members had thrown at S1mple). Evolution is out to make FlipSid3 look unworthy of being in the major.

Evolution’s lineup is one that’s not to be messed with, at most one of the lower 2nd tier teams. Players such as CyberFocus and S1mple playing on the team, and these two players alone can do a lot of work just by themselves, if not take out two or more players a round just by themselves (especially S1mple who’s pretty much out for blood at this point). On the other hand, CyberFocus has been known for fragging like a mad man at his best moments, which is an occasional site to see but is a thrill to watch. Not much is knwon about the other players on Evolution although Spaz has been known to drop some insane frags and plays for his team, but other than him the others aren’t really special or uniquely awesome in their own ways.

Evolution’s S1mple, Spaz and CyberFocus already has this team being a weaker 2nd tier team but other than that, S1mple is out for blood and is going to make this a grudge match that he’ll be sure to make it painful for FlipSid3.

— If anything else, this game is a close match with some of Evolution’s players having bad blood with FlipSid3 and with FlipSid3 being exhausted if anything else from ESL. At most expect each team to claim one map but since the odds are ripe with one sided percentages, we’ll be going for a small underdog bet here.

Bet: Low Evolution.

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 Evolution


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