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GameAgents League

Best Of 2
2015/08/25 22:15 UTC

Winner Reason


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Reason vs. Volgare @GameAgents League

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Both of these teams are the lowest of lows in this league. They are currently sitting at 0 points, while they have played quite a few matches. One thing to keep in mind, is that this can either throw them off their game and just give up/not try, or this can be motivating and it will prompt them to play better and to basically not suck.

Reason is a Danish team which features some pretty known names. Hunden (IGL) and maeve (ex-CPlay player) are two pretty obvious names, while the other three don’t instantly get placed somewhere in my head, I have heard of JUGI and tabu before. The other fella, k0nfig I have never heard of before. Reason is a pretty reputable organisation, and they’ve had a T2 lineup for quite some time now.

Let’s get on to their recent matches. Their most recent match was also in this league earlier today, and it was against Evolution, which is a T3 team which is essentially a mix but with some famous CIS players and s1mple. Reason got 0-2’d on Cache (7-16) and Dust 2 (13-16). Both of these maps are pretty PUG style, so I would assume to some extent that the teams were relying on very basic strats and raw aim to get through. Before this, Reason had defeated OverGaming twice in a row, 4-0 in QuickShot. Their first match in the league was against E-frag, where Reason also got 0-2’d and lost on both Mirage and Dust 2.

I haven’t watched many of their recent matches, but I do know that this lineup is semi-decent. Majority of these players have been in other reputable teams before, and they have come together to form a Danish team under the Reason name. The weak link in this lineup is Hunden of course, but I think the person to watch out for from Reason is maeve or JUGI.

Volgare are a pretty inconsistent Balkan team which used to be under the name ‘Tricked’. Volgare is a team which can either be very VERY good or just perform horribly. It has been suspected that they had been involved in a couple of throws in the past, which usually is enough to make me not bet on these guys.

Their recent results in this league leads to me to think that they are not too fit to compete at the moment. They have had three games in the past week or two for this league, and in those three games, they did not pick up a single map and pretty much got 0-6’d by Dignitas, E-frag and Dobry&Gaming. Of course, these teams are naturally better than the Balkan lineup, though they didn’t get too close to taking any maps off any besides losing 14-16 to D&G on Mirage. Volgare do not really get a chance to play, and I also haven’t been able to watch many of their recent matches. Though, just through memory, I do recall them pulling off some major upsets and they also were crowned the ‘best Balkan team’, before GPlay (E-frag) showed up to the scene.

Volgare have had a pretty shady reputation in the best due to suspected throws, but nothing really came out of them besides a circle jerk on a couple of the CSGO subreddits. Volgare, when in decent form, can take maps and even series’ against pretty good teams. In the last couple of months, I haven’t seen them do anything extraordinary like they did a year ago. I can’t recall any obvious weak links in the team, but I do recall Barcode being an absolute mad man when it comes down to just the raw frags. That fella could pull off some pretty insane things, but again, I’m not sure if he’s still in that shape.

This game is pretty much to determine who sucks less than the other one, however my personal odds are 60-40/55-45 and I will be putting medium on Reason, which is probably really stupid of me. However, these current odds, 58-42 are somewhat decent for a bet on Reason. Personally, I would class this match as a high risk, since both teams could show up and destroy the other or it just could be a simple 1-1, which would be pretty good for both of the teams.

My odds for this match: Reason 60:40 Volgare


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