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2016/12/17 16:00 UTC

Winner Godsent

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GODSENT vs. HellRaisers CS:GO

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This match is unpredictable, there is literally no way to call who’s going to take it, both teams are equally good right now and even played multiple matches against each other on the PGL Minor and it was so extremely close, HellRaisers won 16-14 on cobblestone and train, then GODSENT won 16-14 on cache and 16-13 on mirage and HellRaisers took cobblestone once again with a 16-14 scoreline, I’ve never seen such a close matchup, it’s just insane.

Generally speaking GODSENT should be the better team as they have a couple of legendary players on their side, especially flusha who was considered as the best player in the world for a long time, they’ve been doing quite bad for the last couple of months, but recently stepped it up. HellRaisers on the other hand, improved a ton when DeadFox joined the team, they beat few top teams already and absolutely destroyed Na’Vi back in September, also looked great against NiP and mousesports here on the major qualifier.

This match is basically a 50/50 coinflip, I’d play the odds here which in this case would be betting on HellRaisers, I also believe that it’s a good bet because GODSENT’s win over dignitas was mainly because of dig’s stars underperforming, so HellRaisers looked slightly better in my opinion, therefore I pick them over GODSENT here.

My odds for this match: Godsent 50:50 HR


 One of the more tougher matches here, this one could really go either way. Of course on paper you would expect Godsent to be the better team here seeing the caliber of players Godsent has, however those are just names on paper, they are not performing on the server, or well at least historically haven’t while Hellraisers might not have the experienced names that have won majors but they have been performing greatly recently. Hellraisers have been playing some good stuff and while you could blame the Mouz win to Mouz just being pathetic they did also beat NiP and performed very well so you have to give them props for that. Godsent have gone into the qualifier looking sharp and who knows, maybe JW, Flusha and Pronax are channeling their inner major winning selves and will continue playing well, who knows. I do favor Godsent here because they well are the better team plus have been playing well so far, and the last time these two met Godsent won in a very close series. Should be an exciting match here, super close most likely, for me 55-45 Godsent.


3% Godsent under 62% otherwise 3% HR – over 26.5 rounds works here too because I expect this to be a close series that could go either way, depending on who shows themselves up here.

My odds = 55-45 GS

My risk = High

My advice = Above ^^

My odds for this match: Godsent 55:45 HR

Hard to call game to be honest and a massive game for both sides. Who would have thought these two would be in this position. HR took down mouz in a game they won from the veto really and their slow organised T side worked well against a passive NiP. Godsent also had a really hard road, taking down G2 and Dignitas is impressive and they looked really prepared. I can see the map being something like Overpass again and if Godsent have done their homework and don’t let HR get comfortable on the T side, I feel like the experience in this roster will shine through and they will take it. Could go either way though, LOW on Godsent for me.

My odds for this match: Godsent 55:45 HR


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