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2016/09/13 14:15 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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Heroic vs. dignitas

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This is a pretty classic matchup, these teams played 9 maps against each other in the past month, Heroic are leading in head to head results 5-4, one thing that should be mentioned is that dignitas played with multiple stand ins in those matches, they used aizy instead of RUBINO on PowerLAN and ruggah for Starladder qualifiers, they still managed to win few maps and the rest was extremely close, it clearly shows that dignitas is in fact the better team here.

One thing I’m worried about is that Heroic seems to be better online, while dignitas is more of a lan team based on their performance on Starladder, but I still think they should be favored in this match, and currently it’s around 60-40 for Heroic on multiple betting websites, these odds are definitely not accurate, should be either 50-50 or slightly in favor of dignitas, not only because they are just better in general, but they also have a wider map pool, their recent results are also quite impressive, beating Godsent 2-0 that convincingly is just insane.

I’m not confident at all here, I just feel like dignitas should be favored and the odds are inaccurate, so this is yet another underdog bet for me, small bet on dignitas.

My odds for this match: Heroic 45:55 Dignitas

So the first game of the day feels almost impossible to call. Awesome. The thing that makes knowing who to bet on easier slightly is that Dignitas are the underdogs. They are still at a bootcamp, and beat Heroic just a few days ago. This at least makes little sense as to why they would be the underdog here. I can still easily see Heroic taking this one, and really you could argue to bet on either side, but the odds make the decision easy for us, and LOW on Dig is the only bet you can do with these current odds. If you can get Heroic to take at least 1 map, or this going +2.5 maps, they would also be fine bets.

My odds for this match: Heroic 50:50 Dignitas


For me here, Dignitas are the better team. Heroic has been on a huge raise out of nowhere for some time now, however I think they are finally beginning to fall back down a little bit. Still think that Heroic’s should not be at the level they have shown the past month or so because as individuals, I do not rate them at all yet they are able to challenge NiP and what not, and sure it is a team game and what not, however you cant tell me these guys play better as a team than like NiP, Astralis etc, teams that have been together a lot longer and are individually stronger. I think that Heroic has made a name for themselves and more teams now take them into consideration and don’t underestimate them, that paired with the fact that I think the honeymoon period is dying down, could see heroic starting to struggle a bit, no promises tho. Dignitas have been finding themselves in pretty good form recently, and I hope it continues because I think that this team is a change away from being super good, think that MSL has to go. This should be a pretty good match seeing how it is a Danish rivalry for the most part plus it is a BO3, I think Dignitas will edge it out 2-1, however be careful, really high risk. 55-45 Dig


3% Dig under 62%, otherwise 3% Heroic

My odds = 55-45 Dig

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Dig under 62%, otherwise 3% Heroic

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Heroic 45:55 Dignitas


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