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2016/09/10 18:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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Heroic vs. dignitas

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This is the last match for the day, or at least for Starladder, and I feel like this is the most random match today, normally I would go with Heroic as they’ve been insanely good lately, but dignitas wrecked Godsent yesterday and that’s massive, they were one of my favorites to win this event and instead they got eliminated in the group stage, I’m very disappointed with Godsent’s performance, but dignitas played really well and props for them for making it that far.

dignitas have been playing quite bad before this event, they dropped a map to Tengri, lost against mousesports, Heroic and even Space Soldiers, sure they managed to win a couple of decent matches against teams like NiP, ENVYUS and, but overall they looked just fine. Heroic definitely played better this month, they destroyed Echo Fox, OpTic and Winterfox on Northern Arena, struggled against Selfless and barely beat them 16-14 and then lost to Cloud9, but they also beat Astralis a couple of times and TyLoo yesterday, Heroic also played against Godsent just like dignitas, but they got smashed 16-3 and 16-6, not the best performance there.

So actually if you compare the recent results of these two teams, dignitas look pretty good, definitely not better than Heroic but still great. One thing that makes it even more random is the fact that both teams have very similar map pools, being good on cobble is pretty common on the danish scene by the look of things, buth teams are also very good on overpass, train and nuke, dignitas are definitely better on dust2 though. So as I said, this match is nothing more than a 50/50 coin flip, I’d go with the underdogs which is dignitas in this case, it’s very risky though, so don’t bet if you can’t afford to lose.

My odds for this match: Heroic 50:50 Dignitas

Regardless of their past recent games, you have to say this is a 50-50 game. Both sides are incredibly close in their level. Both sides can suffer from having really poor T sides sometimes, both sides have some young superstars, and both sides have some top players and some poor ones. Dignitas I would say are slightly the weaker side, but they perhaps also have more fire power in their young guns. The AWPs are about even, the IGL is better on Heroic and I would probably say the support players are better on Heroic too. Overall an incredibly hard to call Derby, but with dig being the underdog, you almost have to go on them.

Edit : With a lot of sites having heroic as the underdog, I have to change to them. This is still a 50-50, so bet on the underdog on your own specific site.

My odds for this match: Heroic 50:50 Dignitas


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