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Hellcase Cup

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2017/02/11 11:00 UTC


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I wasn’t going to call any matches today since there’s nothing but shit tier matches, but I’ll try to call few for all the addicts out there. This one is definitely tricky as Orbit is a fairly new team and we didn’t see too much of them yet, I know that they are bootcamping in Sweden and that’s definitely a massive boost for them, however their recent results are not as good as I’d expect, they did beat Outlaws and that’s pretty good, lost a close match against Tricked as well, they are definitely capable of beating all those tier 3 teams in Europe, but it’s hard to tell how good they are because they play so little matches, no idea about their map pool either.

iGame are the favorites coming into this match, they do have a stand in and that may hurt them a little, but they’ve been doing pretty well lately, managed to beat Outlaws pretty easily, also beat Gambit, Vexilla and were just few rounds away from going 2-0 against BIG which is pretty BIG if you know what I mean. The only “bad” match iGame had with juho was against Tricked, they lost 0-2 and it wasn’t even close, but the rest of the matches went well and that’s important.

So, I know that iGame are pretty good on maps like train, dust2, nuke and decent on the rest, having three very strong maps should give them a nice advantage here, I also think they are the better team than Orbit, but since they have a stand in and we don’t know much about Orbit, I’d give iGame 55-45 here, so pretty risky but I believe they should have an edge and therefore I pick them to win this match.

My odds for this match: 55:45 Orbit

Orbit showed their last few games they have some decent players and some talented players, and with any luck, with some more experience they could be a decent side. Their opponent, iGame are a hard one to predict too. Some of their games online, I think they have a lot of talent, and then other games they look really poor and I think they lack fire power and have organisation but that’s about it. Going into this game, I will just add something quick as I’m about to pass out, I would have to favour the fins here and think if they play at their top level, they can take this one. I can see Orbit taking a map and it could be a close one, but LOW on iGame for me.

My odds for this match: 60:40 Orbit


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