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2016/06/11 14:10 UTC

Winner Immortals

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Immortals vs. Empire at ESL

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So this should be an easy match too, Empire is simply not a very good team and they were quite lucky in their previous matches, especially against dignitas since they somehow managed to play on nuke which I believe dignitas didn’t practice, they also managed to win 12 rounds against Cloud9 on cobblestone which is arguably Empire’s best map, but overall I don’t see them beating any team of Immortal’s caliber, that would be a huge upset.

Immortals played really bad so far on this qualifier, their first match was a 6-16 loss against ENVYUS where Immortals lost 11 rounds in a row on dust2 which is obviously very bad, the second match was against TyLoo and they also lost this one, this time Immortals managed to win 11 rounds and looked just a bit better, I don’t really know what happened to their team, but they have been playing quite bad lately, could be because of peacemaker going to Liquid, I believe he was their strat caller and they suddenly became really bad just when he left the team, could be that.

Immortals are clearly not in the best shape right now, but I still believe it’s way more than enough to beat Empire, this is also a match they really have to win if they want to qualify for the major, starting with a 0-2 score is really bad and they have to step it up, I believe they will.

My odds for this match: Immortals 80:20 Empire

I find it hard to believe that Immortals will lose this game, even if Empire have looked decent, they really are no match for the level of Immortals. If you think about the Brazilian side, they struggled before against Envy on D2, and TyLoo on Cache even gave G2 a lot of problems. It really would be crazy if they were to lose this game, and I really cannot see it happening. Empire have shown signs of quality, but overall their level of play has not been enough in the key moments to actually get a win. I can see this being a close game, but Immortals should really come out on top. I could see Cobble being played, which would be a good map for the Brazilian side. MED here for me on them.

My odds for this match: Immortals 80:20 Empire


This is a game that Immortals should not be slipping up, especially since they’ve lost to Envy and Tyloo now lol. Empire has lost both of their games too, however 16:12 vs Cloud9 and 16:13 vs Dignitas which are pretty impressive scorelines when you consider the caliber of a team that Empire is. I was saying previously that the team has pretty much cooled off, even though they did not even that long ago pickup Kucher which I think is a good addition to the team, especially since he replaced Fix however yea, since then they kinda went quiet but good to see them somewhat back I guess. I still do think that while Immortals are struggling quite a bit ever since removing Peacemaker, I think they should skill wise alone be able to take this one, Empire can and will probably make them sweat, however seeing them beat them eh, BO1 so I guess nothing is impossible. I expect Immortals, or ex TempoStorm to pick themselves up here and take it. 75-25 in favor of them here. I will not be going above 5% here because BO1 and following result trends, not looking good for Immortals but they should take it.


5% Immortals here.

My odds = 75-25 Immortals

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Immortals

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Immortals 75:25 Empire


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