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2016/11/23 00:15 UTC

Winner Immortals
NRG eSports

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Immortals vs. NRG eSports CS:GO

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Gonna keep these NRG matches short and sweet. They are in a double BO1 header versus Immortals here and the maps are Mirage and Cache. Now I think that even if NRG was in their tip top shape, Immortals would be taking this. Immortals form wise has been kinda strange, they got destroyed by NiP but before that they were winning the majority of their matches but they always came close which is never good but they were facing off versus teams quite a bit better like Na’Vi and Astralis so that is that. For those who do not know, NRG has picked up Peacemaker who is their Coach now and I think that is an excellent move but there is a problem. They’ve made it clear that the roster will go through big changes and Ptr has already announced that he won’t be resigning and I think there is more to come. With that being said, HLTV says the normal NRG roster is playing and I mean they are still under contract however I would not be surprised to see standins and if the normal roster does play who knows how dedicated they will be here, especially versus such a tough opponent as Immortals. With so much randomness and unclarity involved in this match, I honestly think that the best procedure here is to skip. Immortals probably win, I think NRG going 0-4 today but skip.


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My odds = 70-30 IMT

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = skip

My odds for this match: Immortals 70:30 NRG eSports

Mirage was the first map for this double header and apparently it was NRG’s pick which makes sense considering that they stomped Cloud9 on it, but Immortals are destroying them right now and it’s going pretty smoothly for the brazilian side. The second map is cache and I think we will see a smooth win for Immortals as well, it is one of NRG’s best maps and they already beat Immortals on it once, however their recent matches on cache went really bad and they are currently on a four map losing streak, while Immortals have been looking great on cache, on top of that, NRG are currently going through some roster issues and ptr was already cut but for some reason he’s still playing, I guess they didn’t find a new fifth yet, so that’s yet another reason to bet against them here. That being said, Immortals is my pick, pretty confident here, not going to place a medium bet on a best of one with two decent teams, but a small one should work.

My odds for this match: Immortals 65:35 NRG eSports

NRG are apparently playing with their full roster today. Now, how they perform will largely come down to how the atmosphere was when they decided to go their separate ways. There has been no word on Fugly yet, but I do expect him to be leaving as well. I can see ptr meeting up with sgares and making some kind of new Echo Fox side, but we will have to wait and see. Looking at the results of both sides on Mirage, IMT are incredibly strong on it. They have barely lost on it in recent times. NRG have had really mixed results. Sometimes good, sometimes really bad. The same can be said for Cache, a map that IMT have improved on a lot lately, but it is still a map that NRG have won on before. I do have to favour IMT on both maps, but for now, I will go LOW on them for Mirage, and depending on how NRG look, I might go reallllly LOW on them for Cache.

My odds for this match: Immortals 60:40 NRG eSports


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