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2016/06/18 18:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming
SK Gaming

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Immortals vs. SK at Dreamhack

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So as many of you probably know, SK Gaming will be attending this event with two stand ins because Pimp left the team to join Team Liquid, while Magiskb0Y couldn’t come due to exams, SK Gaming decided to use gla1ve and valde for this event, these two are insane fraggers, probably the best players SK Gaming could get. I’m not gonna say anything about SK’s previous result because they won’t really matter, they are attending this event as a mix team without any practice, completely unprepared.

Immortals didn’t qualify for the major again, this is the second time in a row for their squad to fail in the qualifiers, it seems like letting peacemaker go wasn’t the right move and boltz is not very consistent with his strat calling, but I’m sure they will get back to their level with few more weeks of practice, it’s not like they played that bad on the major qualifier, just lack of confidency in their peeks and aim duels, especially in the match against FlipSid3 were their players looked kinda “scared” and didn’t really want to take the duels.

I’m sure Immortals will do better this time, they just seem to choke on major qualifiers while other events are going pretty well for them, and the fact that SK Gaming have two stand ins also makes me think that Immortals will take this one quite easily, I’d go with a small to medium bet on Immortals, this is still a pretty risky match though.

My odds for this match: Immortals 70:30 SK Gaming


Lets not bet on this boys, just not worth it in my books really. Here we have two teams that aren’t really looking the brightest at the moment so not good. On one side we have Immortals who have been struggling ever since they let go of Peacemaker really to Liquid, did poorly at the major qualifier recently and what not, just overall not good results compared to what we are used to seeing from them. Immortals, or ex TempoStorm should be the better team here and are, however eh, BO1 and these inconsistent performances do not put confidence into me that they will beat SK. Plus on the other side I do not want to bet on SK, or against well because historically they suck on LAN, they have two standins here, for two of their best players lol in Pimp and Magiskboy, and eh the additions aren’t horrible, however I would have liked a Jugi or a Niko for example, but could be worse of course. Overall, just to sum things up, with how both teams are looking, with the odds being somewhat fair and BO1, I just do not want to recommend a bet here as i have no confidence in either team really. Immortals should win but like, eh.. 65-35 Immortals


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My odds = 65-35 Immortals

My risk = High

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My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Immortals 65:35 SK Gaming

Immortals have been looking a bit shaky recently and have now failed to qualify for 2 majors. A lot has been written about how they weren’t invited to a bunch of events, but this time they can have no complaints, they just weren’t good enough. They seem to have struggled a bit since Peacemaker left, and they really rely heavily on 2 players – boltz and felps. SK of course without 2 players here. They lost Pimp to Liquid, and mag1ksb0y has exams which means they have taken gla1ve and valde. Both of these play for CW, and honestly they are really skilled. You could put these two guys in dignitas instead of tenzki and MSL and they’d more than likely improve. I do still think that Immortals SHOULD win this, but I wouldn’t write the SK guys off completely. 75-25 for me.

My odds for this match: Immortals 75:25 SK Gaming


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