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Infinity CsArnok LAN

Best Of 3
2015/08/30 09:20 UTC

No Winner Announced


Leave your own tip! vs. faceroll @Infinity CsArnok LAN

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Predictions is basically the ex-ROCK lineup, but with a few changes here and there. flash, ZEN and RAISY are all original members, however DeadFox and t3h f4rm3e were added more recently. Out of the 32 teams competing, K1CK is the crowd favourite, and the expected team to win as they are the most powerful.

I don’t have much information on faceroll and I’ve also never seen them or heard of them, however their lineup does have some familiar players from the Balkan region. Boco and bodito were both on ROCK when that team existed, along with some of the guys on K1CK. Due to complications though, they got removed from the roster, and ever since then, they haven’t joined an ‘official’ team. On their time playing under the name ROCK, they were pretty good players, but two players can’t carry a whole team. Especially against a team as good as K1CK is.

Up until this point, both of these teams have gone undefeated against these no name teams, and they both won their matches, 2-0. These two teams are probably the top 2 teams competing in this LAN, and due to the fact that I don’t know 3/5 players on faceroll, my personal odds are 80/20, favoring K1CK. I’ve never heard of ASSA, spinner and niuki, so it is hard for me to make a fair judgement. They’re a wildcard, you could say.

My odds for this match: 80:20 faceroll


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