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Streamme Gauntlet

Best Of 3
2016/07/20 04:00 UTC

Winner Kaliber
Echo Fox

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Kaliber vs. EchoFox at Streamme Gauntlet

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Damn this match is interesting, a best of three between two teams that absolutely destroyed ESEA Premier this season, Echo Fox are 13-1 in the league so far with a 14-16 loss against Blight Gaming whoever that is, while Team Kaliber are 12-1 and their only loss was in fact against Echo Fox which is quite funny, either way I believe that both teams are pretty close when it comes to their skill level, Echo Fox are obviously a little bit above since their lineup is insane, but Team Kaliber are definitely capable of beating them as they are great as well.

Looking at the recent results of these two teams, Echo Fox managed to beat Winterfox and also did pretty well against European teams on ELEAGUE, they beat FlipSid3 on nuke and Na’Vi on dust2, but lost the other 6 maps, so that’s not as impressive as some people may think, Echo Fox also got 2-0’d by TSM on iBUYPOWER Invitational and they got kinda wrecked there so that should be pointed out, can’t blame them though, they are still a fairly new team and they might need some time to get consistent.

Team Kaliber always have those extremely close maps but they just can’t close them out, they also played against TSM on iBUYPOWER Invitational and got 2-0’d as well, mirage was super close though and for a moment it even looked like Kaliber were going to win it, other than that Team Kaliber always had close maps against some of the best teams from the North American region, for example they played a lot of super close matches against Liquid, NRG eSports, TSM and CLG, not to mention that they actually managed to upset Immortals once and 2-0’d compLexity which is also quite impressive.

I’m not entirely convinced whether it’s worth to bet on Kaliber, but the odds are so stupid that we have no other choice I guess, skipping is not an option for me because the odds are just too good to waste that opportunity, I guess I’m gonna go with a small bet on Kaliber then.

My odds for this match: Kaliber 40:60 Echo Fox

A game that honestly to me has really dumb odds. I do think that Echo Fox should be the favourites here, but this game is a lot closer to 70-30/65-35 than the odds are at right now. We saw Echo the other day basically throw a game away. They had the advantage in almost every round and then die 1 by 1 until they lost. It was honestly painful to watch and I can’t for the life of me understand why teams bother to play with ShahZam. He does not perform, costs his side rounds by doing dumb things, and in general does not seem to be a good personality to be around. In Kaliber they do have some decent players, and some more average ones, but when they are all firing, they are not a bad side. They showed the other day against TSM on the second map, they are not bad. At these odds, LOW/ICB on Kaliber is the only logical bet.

My odds for this match: Kaliber 30:70 Echo Fox

Option 1Bet Echo Fox if odds 70% or less
Echo Fox

Small (3%)

high risk


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