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Rising Stars

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2016/06/13 18:20 UTC

Winner Orbit

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Kinguin vs. Orbit at Rising Stars

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Kinguin is the better team, they lost to Pride yesterday with 92%, people are going crazy and forget that this is Kinguin we are talking about, against god damn Orbit like damn, memory of a goldfish! So ahm Kinguin traveled down to a Polish LAN yesterday where they got rekt 2:1 by Pride which should never happen lol but it happened, and just gave us the sweet taste of good old Kinguin, just really inconsistent at times and so often underestimate their opposition and play down, or up to the level of their opponents. That being said, form wise they are looking worse than Orbit, mainly because Orbit has been just winning everything but I still would not count out Kinguin here, as for me man for man they are slightly the better team here when everyone is firing their shots. The fact that Kinguin have also picked up a new sponsor, a good one too should motivate them a good bit, hopefully. Both of these teams historically are very inconsistent and can come alive out of nowhere, I just have a strong gut feeling Kinguin wins this 2-0 lol, but yeah I have to favor Orbit here a slight bit because of their good performances recently, meanwhile Kinguin yes for me are the better team, but they aren’t looking as good, and since the difference isn’t very large between these two, gotta side with the form. Head to heads most of the time are quite close, so that’s that. Also Dreamer is indeed playing here for Orbit which just enhances their chances so much more as for me he is their best player, shame he can’t play in some tournaments. But ahm, 55-45 in favor of Orbit, will play the odds, just have a gut feeling that Kinguin wins both of their matches tomorrow.


3% Orbit under 62%, otherwise 3% Kinguin. Got a feeling Kinguin 2-0’s both matches, however feelings only go so far against statistical logic.

My odds = 55-45 Orbit.

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Orbit under 62%, otherwise 3% Kinguin

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Kinguin 45:55 Orbit

Option 2Bet Kinguin if odds 62% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Normally this match would be a 50-50 coinflip, but Kinguin didn’t have much time to practice because they just came back from a polish lan, one thing I should definitely mention is that Kinguin lost to PRIDE on that lan, for those who don’t know – PRIDE is a mediocre tier 3 team and Kinguin should have never lost to them. Kinguin also struggled before that lan, they got 2-0’d by Space Soldiers, lost against ENCE, barely beat Alternate 16-14 on both maps and went 1-1 against Tricked.

Orbit have been quite inconsisten lately, but still won majority of their matches, they easily beat teams like DenDD, Epsilon, Bpro, PRIDE, Anox and Space Soldiers, got few draws against tier 2 teams and lost against Escape, but overall they look great.

Orbit are definitely better than Kinguin right now, and their chances to either win one map or tie are definitely higher, I’d go with a small bet on Orbit, not worth taking a risk with a bet on Kinguin, they are way too inconsistent right now.

My odds for this match: Kinguin 40:60 Orbit

Kinguin just back from their really poor performance at LAN, where they lost to pride. They will for sure be disappointed in their performance, but it would be typical them to turn up today after all of that. We can’t reaaally rely on it though, and in my opinion, the Orbit guys should be good for 1 map. They have not been in the best form ever, but they have been good for at least 1 map in the majority of their games. They did have a really poor performance against Escape, but for the most part have been good. It is hard to predict how Kinguin will play, so I will just put this at 60-40 and a bet on either side could be okay as it could easily be 1-1.

My odds for this match: Kinguin 40:60 Orbit

Option 1Bet Orbit if odds 62% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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