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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/06/01 17:00 UTC

Winner LDLC

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LDLC vs. Esuba at Operation Kinguin

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So this match is definitely not the best one to bet on as the odds are very one sided, but I feel like the odds are close to being accurate, this is an 85-15 or maybe even a 90-10 match for LDLC, they may have been performing quite “poor” in their recent matches, but eSuba are way worse and LDLC could easily bet them just with the individual skills of their players.

LDLC’s biggest advanatage is their fragging power, mostly in to1nou and BouLy who are their star players, the addition of Ex6TenZ is also a huge boost as he used to be considered as one of the best strat callers in the world, so that’s definitely a decent advantage but let’s take a look at LDLC’s recent results, because that’s the scary part. So LDLC managed to beat K1CK, Alternate Attax and Tricked which is nice, but they got 2-0’d by AGG, lost 1-2 against PENTA, and tied against Escape and Orbit, not the best results but not that bad either.

Luckily for LDLC, eSuba is not a good team, they used to surprise other teams and even managed to win a map against Gamers2 once, but did some roster changes and they are not that good anymore, I’d even say that eSuba is actually a terrible team right now, winning only 4 maps out of the last 18 is really bad, and these matches were against mediocre tier 2 / tier 3 teams so that’s even worse, they lost to eXtatus, Tricked, GUNRUNNES, PENTA, Space Soldiers and barely tied against PLAYZONE…

LDLC definitely look better than eSuba, they’ve been playing so bad lately that I’d be extremely surprised if they were even close to beating LDLC today, I don’t even know what maps they good at but LDLC should be able to take this match very convincingly.

My odds for this match: LDLC 90:10 Esuba


This is one that LDLC should take here. Esuba are not the worst of teams, well historically, however in recent times they have fallen down quite a bit and are looking pretty garbage. My only problem here is the fact that it is Operation Kinguin and what not, and this tournament when it comes to high odds for teams just does not give me confidence. Also the fact that LDLC of course are a new team and what not could cause problems, but I hope not, that is a risk I am willing to take. When you just compare the players head for head and results head to head, just putting logic together, this should be easy peasy for LDLC. I have expressed previously that I think LDLC are a bit over-rated for a new team, however still do not think they should face many problems here. Overall, 85-15 in favor of LDLC


15% LDLC

My odds = 85-15 LDLC

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% LDLC

My advice  = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: LDLC 85:15 Esuba

LDLC have been slowly improving since they formed, and you can tell they have been really working on things, and they are a decent side now. They are still slightly inconsistent, but that is mainly down to their players never really being consistent performers. Esuba are not really at the same level as the LDLC boys, and they have been struggling against much lower tier opposition than they are facing today and I don’t see how they are going to take down LDLC in a BO3. Not the best odds, but MED on LDLC here for me if you want to bet.

My odds for this match: LDLC 80:20 Esuba


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