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Rising Stars

Best Of 2
2016/06/07 16:00 UTC

No Winner Announced

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LDLC vs. Pride at Rising Stars

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So what we’ve got here is a pretty straightforward match between a decent tier 2 team and a pretty bad polish team, additionally this is a best of two series which is always great for the favored teams, which is obviously LDLC in this case, there is absolutely no chance they lose both maps against a team of PRIDE’s caliber, LDLC had a couple of bad games lately, but PRIDE is not a team that could win a series against them.

So looking at LDLC’s results, they beat Tricked, Alternate, eSuba, Millenium and absolutely smashed spanish K1CK 16-1 and 16-2, LDLC also tied against few tier 2 teams and lost against PENTA, Copenhagen Wolves, and AGG, decent results overall but they still seem to be quite inconsistent.

Pride is just a random polish team, they managed to get a tie against Iwku and barely tied against iNETKOXTV so this team is clearly bad, they only had one “decent” match and it was a best of three against Epsilon, Pride won the second map and almost won the third in overtime, unfortunately Epsilon won the series in the end.

LDLC should be able to win this 2-0, even though they don’t seem to be that good, Pride is definitely not a team they could lose to, and this is a best of two as I already mentioned, no way the get 2-0’d here.

My odds for this match: LDLC 90:10 Pride


This is one that LDLC should be taking quite easily. It is a BO2 meaning that if it ends in a 1-1, your skins are returned to you so it adds a pretty big and nice cushion of safety here, and just makes LDLC losing your skins here very unlikely. Pride isn’t very good to be honest, they do not seem terrible, however not very good either and should not be much of a challenge for the LDLC boys here, I could perhaps see them scraping a map if LDLC just are not here, at all, however two should just be a step too much. I am not the biggest fan of the LDLC lineup, for now at least, think they are quite overrated at times, so I am a bit conservative here, however I still think that LDLC should have little trouble here. Think that LDLC should just be able to outaim Pride and what not, and even result wise and such, LDLC takes the cake here. Not much to blabble on about here, 85-15 in favor of LDLC, should be ez pz.


15% LDLC here

My odds = 85-15 LDLC

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% LDLC

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: LDLC 85:15 Pride

LDLC have been making steady progress since they formed and they are by far not the finished article, but they are going in the right direction. They are up against an average Polish side today who have been doing okay as of late, but nothing special. They will for sure try to get Nuke today and I hope that LDLC will either have praced it a lot, or just ban it away, so as to not leave any chance for a potential upset. Overall though, I don’t think the LDLC side is that impressive, but I also don’t see them losing this BO2. They should be good for at least 1 map so in theory all of our skins should be safe. MED/HIGH on this game or SKIP, regardless of the poor odds.

My odds for this match: LDLC 80:20 Pride


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