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2016/05/15 18:00 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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LG vs. G2 at ESL

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So a BO5 here between these two and the maps should be pretty straight forward. LG will ban Cache while G2 will get rid of Mirage, then they pick a map after map, probably going to turn out looking like LG pick Overpass, G2 pick Train, LG pick Cobble, G2 pick Dust2, and then Inferno. I do not want to jump high into details into the maps, however the only map I think G2 should be favored on is Dust2, mayybeee Train, however think that is pretty even. I do not like going through maps in general, it is helpful and makes you adjust your odds, however a map being xx doesn’t in my books mean an automatic win, especially the current day and age where most teams can play most of the maps to a high standard, it’s not like there is any revolutionary strats on them, a map can only help you so much before you actually have to hit shots and what not. LG for me is still the best team in the world, and as long as they show up here, they should be taking this and adding another trophy to their arsenal. G2 have been showing to us that they can compete with some top teams, however it is still G2, they tend to be quite up and down so you can never be too confident in them, however can never count them out either. LG hasn’t been having the most impressive of scorelines, however they have really good form as of recent just win based, so that’s that. Overall, 70-30 in favor of LG here.


5% LG under 77%, otherwise 2% G2

My odds = 70-30 LG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% LG under 77%, otherwise 2% G2

My advice = Same as my bet\

My odds for this match: Luminosity 70:30 G2

Option 2Bet G2 if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So we have the same situation that we’ve had in ENCE vs GODSENT on Dreamhack Minor yesterday, ENCE won the first match and GODSENT’s odds were still extremely high on the second match, same goes for this match, Gamers2 beat Luminosity in the group stage, now they are below 30% because of delusional bettors.

Gamers2 had a very impressive run, beating Optic, Luminosity and fnatic, they would make it to the finals without dropping a map but that choke against fnatic on inferno… Something interesting about Gamers2 is that people really bashed them for cutting Ex6TenZ and noone really expected them to do so well without him, but they are playing way better right now.

Luminosity are ranked as the best team in the world and they definitely deserve it for winning MLG Columbus, but sometimes they have really bad games and it’s just sad to watch, the best of three against Liquid on the major was really terrifying, they still managed to come back on both maps but they played quite bad overall. Luminosity also played very poorly throughout this event, the match against Optic was very disappointing as they barely beat them, both maps were extremely close and just imagine Luminosity getting eliminated by a North American team on such a big event…

This time we’re in the grand final and all pressure is on Luminosity, G2 know how to play against Luminosity and LG might have to use different strats and such, they will definitely make more mistakes due to that. I highly recommend playing the odds with a small bet on Gamers2, they are more than capable of beating any team right now and the odds are ridiculous.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 60:40 G2

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.

To put it short, I think LG will take this game over the course of a BO5. Their map pool is stronger, and they can remove one of G2’s stronger maps, where as G2 will struggle to do the same. With LG removing Cache, and G2 removing Mirage, it will leave the following maps. I feel like D2 is slightly favoured towards G2, Overpass towards LG, Cobble towards LG, Train is pretty close, even if G2 did win last time, LG had a poor T half. Inferno is hard to call too, but I would again favour LG, Cobble again is a big sway towards LG. I can see LG taking this, but I can also see G2 winning 1 map, potentially 2 if things go to plan, and as such, if LG are below 80%, I would suggest a LOW/MED bet on them.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 G2

Option 2Bet G2 if odds 20% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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