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2016/05/26 20:00 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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LG vs. Liquid at ELeague

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This is a very easy match in my opinion, Liquid are playing really bad right now losing majority of their matches, so far they went 0-6 on ELEAGUE where they lost to Renegades, Cloud9 and Luminosity, other than that, Liquid played a very close match against Echo Fox which they barely won, beat OpTic 2-1 and 2-0’d CLG, however CLG played with pita as they don’t have a 5th, so that’s nothing that special really.

Luminosity are 10-0 against Liquid so far in 2016, they didn’t lose a single map, some of them were very close, others very one sided, but the important fact is that Luminosity won all of them. LG also beat Cloud9 and Renegades twice, as well as won two big lan events – Dreamhack Austin and ESL Pro League finals, they are the best team in the world right now and losing to Liquid would be quite embarassing, especially in a best of three.

Luminosity are obviously highly favored in this match, honestly I think Liquid have no chance and they will get stomped, they are playing worse than ever and it would be kinda hilarious if they actually beat Luminosity in their current form.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 90:10 Liquid


Gonna keep this one pretty straight to the point. Will be skipping this and recommend the same, sure you can go high on LG since they will most likely win and what not, Liquid are in a bit of a shambles right now, and even if they are up they will choke, however I do not see the point going high on them here, just too much risk for a low reward. Yes LG will win, or well they should, however Liquid does know how to play the game, they were up 12:3 or something versus LG on Cobble a few days ago, just choked it away….again, so it is definitely possible. Liquid know how to play the game, I just feel they have internal issues and what not, Elige came onto Twitter last night to rant a bit about their current form and what not, and while I do think Liquid have a chance here, don’t think it is enough to sacrifice an ICB on, you could but eh, I’ll skip. Liquid did beat CLG quite heavily yesterday after the ELeague matches so not all hope is lost,but obviously CLG doens’t have a 5th and used Pita. Overall not much to blabble about, LG will win, most likely however at these odds I do not really want to go high on them because historically this matchup is really close, however does always edge out towards LG. Just a skip in my books really.


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My odds = 85-15 LG

My risk = Low for LG

My bet = Skip

My Advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Luminosity 85:15 Liquid

I just don’t see how Liquid are going to win this game after the last few days and everything that has happened. They did look amazingly strong against CLG which was surprising, but things seem to fall apart in the biggest of games when they know everyone is watching. Their mistakes are so elementary that against a side like LG, I just can’t see how Liquid are going to win. It would be a massive shock, and they would need to somehow end up on maps such as Cache, D2, and maybe Cobble, and I don’t see this happening, because simply put, LG are not that stupid. Mirage, Overpass, should both heavily favour LG, as well as Cobble. Train might be a bit close, so might D2, but Cache for sure won’t be played. MED on LG even bat odds seems to make sense.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 Liquid


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