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2016/06/24 13:15 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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LG vs. NiP at ECS

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So this is the opening match for ECS Season 1 Finals and I actually wanted to go with NiP here because I thought that Luminosity will be on like 70% or even higher, but the odds are prettu accurate right now and NiP played quite bad on the recent Dreamhack so I’d rather go with brazilians here.

Luminosity is currently the best team in the world and they’ve been getting very impressive results for a while now, they also won a lot of events such as MLG Columbus which was the biggest major up to this day, ESL Pro League finals was another big win for them and they played extremely well there, for some reason they are playing bad against North American teams though, kinda struggled on Dreamhack Austin and ELEAGUE, still managed to win both though.

NiP finished on the second place at Dreamhack Summer few days ago, during the event they managed to beat Epsilon twice in two very close matches, also beat Astralis but got wrecked by GODSENT and Immortals, not to mention that NiP struggled against Optic and barely beat them in their ELEAGUE group, their match against Gamers2 was surprisingly easy though.

NiP always perform better when they are in Sweden, this is a UK event so NiP wont play for their crowd anymore so this is another reason to bet on Luminosity, but I still think either team could take it, everything will come down to the map veto process but I’d go with Luminosity, they are better and great on pretty much every single map.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 60:40 NiP

NiP have been kinda hard to pin point recently. They technically made a final a few days ago but did not look impressive in getting there. They struggled every game and then were dominated by the second best Brazilian team in explosive fashion. They now face off against the best Brazilian side and this should be a good game. We have not seen TOO much of LG recently, but that just gives them more time to have prepared for this game. I can see the map being Mirage or perhaps Cobble, and I have to favour LG here. They are more consistent right now, and with the odds currently being about right, I would go LOW on LG under 70.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 65:35 NiP

Option 2Bet NiP if odds 30% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


Bleh, BO1’s, how I hate them. T1 vs T1 coming against eachother on a first match of the LAN, not the greatest of bets you can make really. Luminosity should win this, I rate LG quite a bit higher than NiP personally, I don’t know, NiP never seemingly has impressed me, somewhat, to me they are mostly a 2 man team at the moment at least while LG on the other side are just so good when on form. NiP also form wise has been up and down, mostly down however you just can’t count them out, Get Right and F0rest are insane and if they go off, they can easily take a map off LG, however if they are quiet, I expect LG to run over NiP really. LG we have not seen play in about a month so that’s never good, however I’d still favor them here once again, but don’t bet high on this. BO1’s like this, especially T1 vs T1 can just come down and usually do come down to pistols and who overall feels it on the day, so can never be too safe. Of course LG are the better team tho, so 60-40 LG here.


3% LG under 67%, otherwise 3% NiP

My odds = 60-40 LG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% LG under 67%, otherwise 3% NiP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Luminosity 60:40 NiP

Option 2Bet NiP if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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