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2016/05/05 01:00 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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Liquid vs. LG at ECS

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Alrighty Lounge has made a mistake with today’s NA matches, or well so I hope or else rip my prediction. This is actually Liquid vs Luminosity, not Cloud9 like they have put it up. You can check this via the ECS website and HLTV. So eitherway, LG vs Liquid, straight off the bat, of course fanboy Liquid Kristyboi is in the house, so yes, I would love to see Liquid winning this, however I am not sure if they will right now, hopes not high I must say. Of course just lost S1mple and that seems to be a big issue for them, the team just is not clicking and you see them losing matches left right and center, matches that they should be winning too. I am not confident that the roster will stay the same either, I do think that changes will be made, probably Adren or Koosta at that. Now in recent history, head to heads this matchup does favor Liquid, however that is because of past, late 2015, in recent history LG has gotten the advantage over Liquid pretty much every time, however if you remember the last BO3 they played, Liquid were up 15:9, lost, 15:6 the second map, lost so there is definitely fighting chance inside of the Liquid camp, I just think that the current set of players are not working together, for now at least and S1mple was a big reason as to why they were leading over LG and now he is gone.

Liquid is capable of this, they have players to go off and win games for them, they need Hiko, Elige, Nitr0 and Koosta firing on all cylinders, however we have not seen at least 3 of them firing hard for a long time now, Nitr0 is in a bit of a slump for a long time, he isn’t slacking hard, not at all however for what for a brief period of time, for me at least was the best NA player, he has fallen off quite a bit. You don’t really see Nitr0 just running in, tap tap, headshot, headshot, site open, Nitr0 on a rampage right now, and it really is painful as him on form is deadly. He seems a lot more passive which I am not a fan of to be honest, but hey, they know better, I guess. Koosta has not settled into the team, what so ever and for him to suddenly come alive vs LG and demolish Fallen and Cold, two who will probably AWP, ahmm I am not confident. I really do think Koosta is lacking confidence in himself, and before he can get that, I do not think we will see the most out of him, I really do hope and think he will succeed, however will it be in the Liquid roster and more importantly, in this match/ No, I do not believe so. We have seen drastic improvements from him in his recent games however, so that is a step in the right direction at least.

I have always said that LG do not perform to their full potential in these NA games, so that is one bit of hope Liquid has. They do however care about ECS of course, league that offers a lot of money and LG should definitely be looking to finish #1 in the NA standings, given that they are literally a tier above every NA team once they are feeling it, the results they show on EU LAN’s and then transfer to NA matches make no sense, however it keeps happening. Eitherway, LG started really hot vs CLG yesterday, then kind adropped off 1st map however still won, 2nd map started poorly however 2nd half jesus did they come back , really impressive 2nd half and basically left CLG no hope. 70-30 LG for me here, I would expect them to win however you never know, Liquid are in too much of a shamble right now to really get behind them in such a tough game, however there definitely is hope.


5% LG under 67%, otherwise 2% Liquid

My odds = 70-30 LG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% LG under 67%, otherwise 2% Liquid

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 30:70 Luminosity

Option 2Bet Liquid if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Liquid have been looking pretty poor lately, and go into this game the heavy underdogs. Even though they have been looking poor, this is still a top NA side, and the odds for this game are honestly laughable. Liquid deserve a lot higher than they have right now, and although the roster is different and their performances have been weak, you only have to go back to the major to see the last time these two met, in a game that Liquid should have for sure closed out 2-0. LG have been trying to expand their map pool and have let through Cache or D2 in almost every match, so I would expect to see one of these tonight. Liquid all have high hours the last two weeks and this game tonight will give them an indication of where they are at right now. Like I said, these are two of the top 5 NA sides, and 20% odds is honestly laughable. I do think LG will most likely win, but under 30-35%, you have to go LOW on Liquid.

My odds for this match: Liquid 30:70 Luminosity

Option 1Bet Luminosity if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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