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2016/03/23 18:00 UTC

Winner Orgless

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Method vs. Orgless at Starseries

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Method have been looking fairly decent as a tier3 team recently, they’ve beaten the teams they should beat and they lost to the teams they should lose against, just a good and consistent tier3 team. Orgless are IMO tier2 already especially now with the addition of Slap, yesterday they beat Platinium 2-0 in a BO3, it did get somewhat close on both maps but I’m not sure whether it was just Orgless trolling and wanting to make it close (as they were up 14-4 on Cobble) or if they actually struggled, we will never know. This is going to be a BO1 and the map Cobblestone or Mirage is highly likely, both maps favour Orgless quite a bit IMO and they should be winning this one.

My odds for this match: Method 30:70 Orgless


BO1’s like these are not my favorite thing to bet on however we have to work with the cards we are dealt and make the best do out of them, so lets start. This is a match that should favor Orgless a bit here, Method are a decent side however they have not been showing results that are up to par. Method are a team that have skill however, they can go off at times so keep that in mind, it is still a dangerous matchup. Orgless obviously going into this with the replacement of Slap taking the place of Skytten. Do I think it is an upgrade? Ehh, too early to say, depends what you want in a player, I felt like Skytten was doing quite well for them however it is what it is. Watched Orgless play Platinium yesterday in a BO3 and while they did win 2-0, it was closer than I expected, a lot closer. They did have large leads however so maybe they just did not take it serious, who knows. Overall, this is a match that Orgless should be taking, however I would just play the odds here. 70-30 in favor of Orgless here.


5% Orgless if below 75%, otherwise 2% Method hoping for an upset. Not the greatest of games but oh well.

My odds = 70-30 Orgless

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Orgless if below 75%, otherwise 2%

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Method 30:70 Orgless

Option 2Bet Method if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

This match will be BO1 on SL I-League Invitational.

Method is a pretty decent CIS team with skilled players. Their CT side is pretty strong but they dont have an IGL who can call good Terrorist rounds. Last match was against RCTIC where they almost beat the Finnish guys, it was a close 1-2 loss. Orgless kicked out SKYTTEN, and are trying out slap who played on London Conspiracy before. With this lineup they had 1 official match against Platinium, it was a close match but Orgless took it 2 for 0. They need to practice more, and it can be a pretty cool lineup.

I can say Orgless are a tier2 team nowadays, because they won against better teams as well. They have had a lot of roster changes previously, literally like every month but seem to have settled down a bit now. Method is a tier3 team, who have good personal skill but don’t have the teamwork which can upset tier2 with I don’t think. BO1 as I said earlier, a bit risky but I think Orgless will take it for like 16-10.

Medium (10%) on Orgless



My odds for this match: Method 30:70 Orgless

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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