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2016/09/05 16:30 UTC

Winner Godsent

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Mousesports vs. GODSENT

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5 months ago



Damn, once again we have to start off with a hard match. Yesterday I went with FaZe over Godsent and it worked, Godsent wrecked them on the first map and it looked really bad for FaZe, but they destroyed Godsent on the following maps and won 2-1, really weird that Godsent beat them on mirage but couldn’t do anything on train and dust2, FaZe always pick mirage so I expected a bit more from them on it. So as I said yesterday, Godsent is still a fairly new team and yes I know that this is basically the old fnatic with znajder instead of pronax, but trust me, everything changed, they still need a lot of time to get better.

mousesports also lost to FaZe but they looked slightly better and also wrecked Gambit right before that match, their chemistry with oskar is getting better and it seems like they are gaining more confidence every single day. mousesports did pretty well in the recent weeks, they beat dignitas twice, tied against Gamers2, lost to NiP and kinda struggled against fnatic and lost 0-2 but it was extremely close, I’m sure they could easily beat Godsent now.

Overall I think this match is kinda 50/50, you never know what’s going to happen with the new Godsent and the odds are just stupid, so this is yet another underdog bet for me, I just hope mousesports will be smart enough to veto cobble and train, the rest of the maps should be alright for them.

My odds for this match: mousesports 50:50 Godsent


Super hard one here. Both lost to FaZe yesterday, both in interesting ways so that is that. Godsent destroyed FaZe on the first map, but then the next two got destroyed even harder by FaZe so yeah, really confusing. Mouz lost 2-0, first map close, 2nd map FaZe took convincingly. Can’t really separate these teams, on paper you’d presume that Godsent are the better side, and I do think that with time Godsent will become the better side, however right now, I am not so convinced to be honest. That being said, it is not like I am convinced by Mouz either lol, both teams have made new player changes, some more than others of course and yeah, not sure what to think. The CSGO top tier scene is really tricky in general right now with form issues and what not, bad place to be in for a bettor, a lot of uncertainty. I personally will not be betting on this as there are just too many unknown factors in this, however I think this can go either way and just depends on who shows up. If Oskar and Niko come to dominate, Mouz will win, if the Godsent guys show up, they’ll take it, ridiculously close affair. Overall, 50-50, I’d go with Mouz simply because they are the underdogs, at the moment at least. Go very low, super risky.


3% Mouz under 50%, otherwise 3% GS

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Mouz under 50%, otherwise 3% GS

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mousesports 50:50 Godsent


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