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2016/12/17 17:10 UTC

Winner mousesports

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Mousesports vs. TyLoo.CS CS:GO

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 This is a tough one when it really should not be. Tyloo has not been looking good by any stretch of the imagination before this event, however, they go into the qualifier and all of a sudden they do very well versus OpTic, the score isn’t so pleasant for them however they did lose to multiple pistol buys which made it harder for them to win of course. Tyloo then beat Cloud9 which I mean on one side C9 hasn’t been looking good for some time now and on the other side they did play well so that’s that. On paper Mouz are the better team, on paper Mouz should be a very high up tier 2 team however they just are not performing, they’ve I believe 9 LAN losses in a row before their win versus Spirit yesterday which I mean….was due, it’s Spirit at the end of the day. It’s good that they did win in such a convincing fashion – good confidence booster for them. My worry for Mouz is Lowel, when he joined he was super good but in recent times he has cooled down a lot and that can not be happening because they need him, they already have bots in Denis and Spidii who I expect to be replaced sometime soon, but if Mouz wants to make it to the major they seriously need Niko in tip top shape and ChrisJ and Lowel contributing here. Picking a winner here is difficult because who knows what Mouz wants to do, and the fact that it is Tyloo, we don’t get good comparisons between these two. I do think Mouz will win, for me this is a 60-40 Mouz. Not the greatest of matches to bet on but oh well.


3% Mouz under 67% otherwise 3% Tyloo. Not really sure about any other bets here, round handicaps I don’t really like here because not sure if Mouz will show up or will Tyloo win/make it close. I’d stick to ML here

My odds = 60-40 Mouz

My risk = High

My advice = Above

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 TyLoo.CS

Really depends on the veto for me this game as mouz has a really bad map pool and TyLoo can only really compete on certain maps against higher opposition. Mouz have had really bad vetos a lot lately and started off this event with a really bad one against HR in a game where they had lost it from the start. TyLoo have often had good results on Mirage and it’s hard to tell how good they were compared to how bad C9 were. I do have to favour mouz here but I will wait for the veto to make a final judgement. LOW on mouz for me so far and will update later.

Edit : Train seems a really weird map to be picked here, not a great map for either side but I won’t bet mouz. ICB on TyLoo for me

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 TyLoo.CS

This is one of those matches where you just bet without thinking too much, this is obviously a no brainer on mousesports as they are simply better, didn’t necessarily player better on this specific event, they got stomped by HellRaisers and beat Spirit, but I strongly believe that beating TyLoo shouldn’t be too hard for them. TyLoo managed to beat Cloud9 quite convincingly, it was mirage as well so that’s pretty impressive, got wrecked by OpTic on overpass which isn’t surprising at all, but in general, TyLoo beating Cloud9 is not good enough of a reason for me to pick them over NiKosports.

That being said, mousesports is my pick, small bet since the risk is still pretty high, but I believe they’ll win.

My odds for this match: mousesports 65:35 TyLoo.CS


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