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2016/08/20 14:30 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Natus Vincere vs. G2 Esports

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This is the first match for Na’Vi with their new fifth player, I really can’t want to see how much impact s1mple will have on this team, replacing Zeus with s1mple was definitely the right move as Na’Vis fragging power is just insane right now, although they got kinda wrecked by Valve’s decision to limit coaching and all that stuff so we might have to wait and see what’s next for them, luckily it seems lik ESL still allows coaches for Pro League, at least for the online stage, so we will most likely see starix calling here anyway.

Gamers2 didn’t change anything during the off-season, I’m very happy to see that since they’ve been doing great for a while, made it to the finals of few big events and won ECS Season 1 Finals, so there’s no reason to change anything right now. G2’s last matches didn’t go too well though, they lost 1-2 against mousesports on ELEAGUE and went 0-2 in their group on ESL One Cologne which is pretty bad, additionally G2’s players are low on hours right now and it seems like they didn’t practice all that much lately, Na’Vi played like three times as much as G2 in the last two weeks which is pretty insane.

So this is dust2 and normally I would go with Gamers2 before the break, although it seems like they practiced way more lately and s1mple can single handedly change the outcome of a match, I’m looking forward to see him play here and I really have to give this one to Na’Vi, I just feel like everything lined up perfectly for them to win todays matches.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 55:45 G2


First match of the day between these two and we find ourselves on Dust2. Good map for both teams, who has the advantage? Ehmm I’d say it’s pretty even to be honest. This is a real tricky one because well it is a BO1 on Dust2, the most upset likely map on CSGO in my opinion. Thing is here, of course Na’Vi have picked up S1mple to replace Zeus, and I am really pumped for that, S1mple is my favorite player by far so I mean can be a bit bias here 😛 Ahm, the addition of s1mple gives Na’Vi yet another factor that can just change the game on its own, they already had players like GuardiaN, Flamie and now they’ve added a s1mple, like holy moly the potential of this roster. The Na’Vi guys have not been practicing for long, about 4 days I think so I mean, enough practice probably sure since they didn’t change that much, and S1mple should be able to adapt quickly. As for the G2 side, there was a lot of speculation about a shuffle happening, and while it still may, looking more unlikely. Do I think they should have swapped? I mean if they can get a KennyS for a Smithz, that is just so worth and would have made them so strong I think. Before the off season we saw G2 push themselves and emerge as one of the world’s best teams, much thanks to the form of Shox, ScreaM and RpK. Now, you can not ever forget that this is G2 and they show inconsistencies all the time, and we haven’t seen anything from both times for quite some time, so it is tricky. I do not think G2 is better than Na’Vi, even the roster with Zeus, I think that they rely too much on Shox/ScreaM to perform and if one or both can be quiet, Na’Vi should be able to take this easily. Seems like Na’Vi is more prepared going into this and what not, and overall I think they will close it out. 55-45 Na’Vi seeing how it’s Dust2 BO1


3% Na’Vi under 62%, otherwise 3% G2. On Hub will be 3% Na’Vi only because the API is being worked on.

My odds = 55-45 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Na’Vi under 62%, otherwise 3% G2.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 55:45 G2


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