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2017/01/22 20:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Natus Vincere vs. Mousesports CS:GO

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Na’Vi is one of the teams that could potentially win this major, they put insane amount of hours into the game and practiced really hard for it, all of them played around 150-200 hours in the last two weeks which is absolutely insane and I expect Na’Vi to perform very well on this event. mousesports also practiced a lot, not nearly as much as Na’Vi but they definitely should practice as much as they can, they’ve been struggling for months now and NiKo has been their only hope, as always.

So, mousesports actually did quite well in the recent weeks, they beat BIG and HellRaisers on Dreamhack Las Vegas qualifier, qualifier for the major with only a single loss against HellRaisers, which they followed up with very one sided and easy matches against Immortals (16-3), TyLoo (16-3) and Team Spirit (16-5), although they’ve been playing 3 maps over ando ver again, as always.

Na’Vi did not play a single match in over two months, in fact they didn’t play a single map since IEM Oakland which is insane, it doesn’t really change anything in this case as Na’Vi are known for being very good and I can’t even imagine how good they will be after putting so much time into CS, definitely should be able to beat mousesports, however there are few maps that mousesports could win and it’s a best of one, so still risky for sure, but for now – Na’Vi remain as my pick.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:34 mousesports


Alrighty tough one to call here for me, seeing that I am a Na’Vi fan 😀 I just watched S1mple upload a video on his channel saying that they have prepared really well, the best bootcamp he has ever been apart and that Na’Vi are playing really well, I think he is being honest but of course, gotta be wary of what pros say about their preparation. He also mentioned a few teams that have been doing really well in pracs, and he mentioned Mouz to be one of them and he has heard that Mouz are playing some good stuff, so gotta be careful here. Going into the major Mouz have been looking good form wise, Lowel has kinda dropped off which is surprising considering his hot start when he initially joined the team, however he is still an insane player so don’t count him out. On the other side of the coin, we have not seen Na’Vi play in quite some time, a bit less than we have Mouz recently but the thing is, the last few months that we did see Na’Vi play….just not good. Na’Vi haven’t really lived up to their full potential as a team I feel, and the results they showed when they last played were awfully disappointing so I am really hopefuly they were able to fix their problems in the long time off that they’ve had. Na’Vi is my favorite to win the major, I just think the lineup has so much fire power. In a BO1 like this, I expect Na’Vi to win but Mouz are really scary because of players like Niko, ChrisJ and Lowel who just can have so much impact. Matchups between these two always historically tend to be close too. 60-40 Mouz


3% Na’Vi under 67% otherwise 3% Mouz / Over 23.5 works here / Na’Vi -2.5 works

My odds = 60-40 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:34 mousesports

Navi vs mouz should be a really good game. Navi did not do anywhere near as close as they wanted too towards the end of the year and have been playing more than anyone in preparation for this event. Mouz from what we have seen are still looking some what poor and need to find a winning formula again it feels like. Thinking about the maps, we won’t see Cache or Train. Overpass I feel is not that likely, neither is Cobble. Nuke both sides will want to avoid, so that leaves us with Mirage and D2. I feel Navi will want to avoid D2 and mouz will be hoping it goes to this map. So it largely comes down to that. If Mirage, I expect Navi to take it, but if D2, you could argue for a really LOW bet on mouz. I do expect Navi to take it and will call them for now.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 76:31 mousesports


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