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Intel Extreme Masters

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2017/03/02 10:10 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Natus Vincere vs. Virtus.Pro CS:GO

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Second day of IEM Katowice and we’re starting off with on their home soil, definitely a big advantage for them as they always performed better in Poland, I also used to bet against them all the time and it usually didn’t end well on lan events, so this time I’m actually going to bet on as Na’Vi have been looking rather poor lately. Na’Vi had three good maps in the group stage of the ELEAGUE Major and have been playing bad ever since, they had a couple of good maps but overall have been very inconsistent and not as good as I’d expect. needs no introduction here, everyone knows that they are known for being a lan team, Virtus.low online and Virtus.plow on lan, I also believe that almost never get eliminated in groups, I think last time that happened was on Dreamhack Liepzig like a year ago or something, so I’m pretty sure they will make it to the playoffs again on this event and possibly win the entire thing, beating Na’Vi would be a good start and that’s what I’m hoping for.

The hardest thing to predict here is the map, both teams are insane on overpass, mirage and train, so that’s what we will most likely see here, I’m sure Na’Vi will remove cache, nuke and inferno as cobblestone is a map they played pretty often lately, then I’m not sure what would ban as all the remaining maps are very good for them, if I were them I’d ban overpass, mirage and train though, cobblestone would be the best map for VP here. So, have a better map pool and looked way better than Na’Vi lately, I pick them to win here but as always – not confident at all with, so don’t take my word for it.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 45:55 VP

First game of the day and we have an instant classic. This one should be a really good game and could go either way. Both sides obviously have similar map pools and maps such as Mirage, Train, are both liked by both sides. I doubt we will see Inferno or Nuke here. Overpass is also unlikely, as is Cache. Cobble has a chance but this is VP’s best map, and I really doubt the Navi boys will want to let this map through. Both sides have had up and down results in the past, but VP of course just off the back of a really impressive win over SK at the last event. I almost feel like we are due another bad VP performance and they are notoriously slow at starting these types of games. I will purely play the odds if the maps are Train or Mirage, and go LOW on Navi.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 45:55 VP


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