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2016/07/21 22:30 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. Cloud9 at ELeague

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Na’Vi should be taking this one without a doubt. Cloud9 were originally not even supposed to be playing here however SK got kicked out and here come striding in Cloud9. I do not rate the current C9 lineup much at all, if their star players are performing well they can go off perhaps and upset the top EU’s, and of course they are still probably 2nd best team in NA, or 3rd, however that doesn’t translate to much when you are playing NaVi. I do not think that C9 are 100% sold on Slemmy, and I do think that they will either 1. Make him coach or 2. Make some sort of moves and bring in new players, Tarik perhaps. For C9 to win this, Shroud has to go off, Stewie has to go off, Ska has to go off, and I just do not see it happening, not across 3 maps at least. This series is less about C9 turning up than it is about Na’Vi just not being there on the day. Na’Vi are a very powerful team, one of the best in the world with a solid map pool and what not, and they should be taking this. Thing with Na’Vi is, they are always so disappointing and don’t ever quite hit their peak potential which is frustrating. Na’Vi are being linked with S1mple and what not, I’d love if that move happened, however for who I don’t really know, probably Zeus. Overall, 75-25 Na’Vi here, this is an event they have to do well in I feel or else roster moves are looking even more likely.


7% Na’Vi under 82%, otherwise 2% C9

My odds = 75-25 NaVi

My risk = Med

My bet =  7% Na’Vi under 82%, otherwise 2% C9

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:25 Cloud9

Option 2Bet Cloud9 if odds 18% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Well this match is definitely a bit easier than the previous ones, still a bit risky as Cloud9 is a really good team, but Na’Vi are no another level, I mean they are considered as one of the best teams in the world, I still wouldn’t put them on the same level as the old Na’Vi before GuardiaN’s injury, that old Na’Vi would probably never lose to a team of Cloud9’s caliber, but now Cloud9 definitely have a chance.

Let’s skip the pointless stuff and focus on the recent results as Na’Vi definitely performed better than Cloud9 recently, they made it to the quarter final of ESL One Cologne by topping their group with two wins over FlipSid3 and NiP, however they got knocked out by Liquid in the quarters, they lost 1-2 after winning the first map, before the major Na’Vi also wrecked their group in ELEAGUE with 4-0 against FlipSid3, 3-1 against Echo Fox and 1-1 against mousesports.

Cloud9 always seem to struggle in the NA matchups, but perform better against European teams, they managed to upset Astralis on ECS Season 1 Finals with a very convincing 2-0, also took 13 rounds off of fnatic there, so that was a decent event for C9, not so good on major qualifiers as tehy only beat Empire and TyLoo, lost against mousesports, ENVYUS and Gamers2, and then the iBUYPOWER Cup which was an NA only event, Cloud9 won the entire thing but that was a rough event for them, they barely beat Prospects in the first round, pulled off two massive comebacks against Selfless and then beat TSM in the finals, not the best performance even though they won the event.

So Na’Vi are the clear favorites obviously, the scary part is that GuardiaN is still not as good as he used to be before the injury, but I’m pretty sure they don’t need him in his peak form against Cloud9, should be a quick 2-0 anyway.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:25 Cloud9

Navi looked pretty poor at the last major we saw them at for the most part at least in their game against Liquid. C9 have looked pretty average as well lately. They did not even qualify for the major after being destroyed by G2 and since then have struggled as well. They did win the IBP cup the last week but until the final, honestly looked poor. Even in the final, they must have won 10 clutch rounds and the pistols that really changed the outcome of the game. They should have lost to Selfless, and were taken to overtime as well by Prospects, who are a really average NA side. Overall, I don’t really see C9 winning this and will be going MED on Navi, and hope they can find their form again.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 80:20 Cloud9


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