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2016/06/21 18:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi
Echo Fox

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Na’Vi vs. EchoFox at ELeague

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This is one that Na’Vi should be winning here. EchoFox on paper are not a bad team, not at all, they look quite impressive actually however not when you compare them to the skill and experience of Na’Vi. This is a LAN too so pressure on the Echo guys for sure. EchoFox should and well are one of the better teams in NA, top 7 probably but that doesn’t mean they aren’t losing maps and matches to teams like Detonate and what not which is just a lol. Do not think that EchoFox have reached their potential and what not, so seeing them beat Na’Vi is tough, however BO1’s for life am I right? Sigh. We do not have maps here, think they are either only released after day 1 or after first match. But yeah, Na’Vi are just levels above EchoFox and while it can be tricky to call EU vs NA, this shouldn’t be complicated for Na’Vi as long as they turn up. EchoFox like I said has good players in Roca and what not, good fraggers however ehh, should be Na’Vi. 85-15 Na’Vi


10% Na’Vi here.

My odds = 85-15 Na’Vi

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Na’Vi

My advice = 10% Na’Vi

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 85:15 Echo Fox

This may seem like a risky match knowing that Echo Fox is not a bad team and the best of one format is kinda random, but in reality Na’Vi should be able to win both maps with no issues whatsoever, they finally fixed all the VISA issues and GuardiaN is feeling better already, so let’s say Na’Vi should be back on their “original” level now, the #1 team in the world level is what I’m talking about here.

Echo Fox is still a fairly new team, they have a lot of potential with the current roster, seangares is the best strat caller in North America, then there is roca and ryx who are insane fraggers, freakazoid – probably NA’s best entry fragger, and ShahZaM who I’m not happy about because he kinda destroyed a couple of teams throughout his career, he also doesn’t seem to care much about anyone else than himself, but he’s a good player, probably the best awper Echo Fox could get.

I’m not entirely sure how good Na’Vi are at the moment, but they should be able to beat Echo Fox quite easily with the amount of hours they put into practice lately, they also played together for such a long time and their chemistry is way better.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 85:15 Echo Fox

First game of the day and we have Navi on train which kinda defeats the chances of Echo Fox having much of a chance here. They do like to play Train, and are not bad at it, but they still make way too many mistakes, which against a top tier side, will ultimately cost them. Navi have also been preparing hard for this event, with GuardiaN tweeting about the hours he has been putting in recently a testament to this. Navi can start slow sometimes, but I thoroughly expect them to take this BO1. Echo Fox would need both pistols to have a chance. MED on Navi here.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 80:20 Echo Fox


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