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2016/09/14 17:10 UTC

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Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Astralis

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NiP vs ast on D2 and Overpass should be a really good game. D2 is a map that both sides are really formidable on. NiP have always been really strong on it, and they actually beat ast on this map just a few days ago, after a poor half and an impressive come back. The second map is overpass, which is interesting. It used to be one of if not the best map for ast, and the worst map for NiP. NiP have been playing it a lot, and you only have to see their recent games on it to know they have improved an insane amount on this map. Both maps are hard to call to be honest, but I do think ast have a chance on both, and with them being the underdog on both maps, I will go 2x them and hope for the upset.

My odds for this match: NiP 55:45 Astralis

Whoa, we’ve go a rematch here, honestly once again the maps for this double header couldn’t get any better for Astralis, dust2 is literally their best map and they are also great on overpass, sure they lost to NiP on Starladder on these two maps, but they did way better than NiP on dust2 in their online matches, Astralis consistently beat teams like Heroic, mousesports, Na’Vi, ENVYUS and dignitas, while NiP lost to dignitas, ENVYUS and even, so far they only beat Cloud9 and Astralis, still pretty good.

Overall looking at the online results Astralis looks just as good as NiP, and as usual the odds are kinda stupid given that it’s dust2, so I’d go with Astralis on the first map, small bet should be fine here.

My odds for this match: NiP 50:50 Astralis


First map of the day between these two and it is Dust2. Dust2 is a map that both teams can play however last time these two played on it, NiP took it 16:12. In recent times NiP has had a very good record vs Astralis which you wouldn’t expect since fragging wise Astralis are probably stronger and the teams are supposed to be rather close, so NiP winning like 80% of the games recently, a bit worrying for Astralis. I believe it has been a year since the last time Astralis took a LAN series off NiP so that’s that. Astralis are a bit notorious for having mental blocks, may it be with choking or what not, it seems they tend to get into their own heads quite a bit. NiP are in good form right now, of course coming off the back of a win at Starseries, that is always good to get your confidence up and in general NiP are playing good right now. Seems that Maikelele will continue standing in for Pyth here and Maikelele did pretty good at the LAN so that’s that. You can’t of course count Astralis out of a BO1 on Dust2 like this, they have waaaayy too many players that can go off and just win the game almost single handedly, you have to be careful. Overall, 60-40 NiP here, they should win however really risky.


3% NiP under 67%, otherwise 3% Astralis

My odds = 60-40 NiP

MY risk = High

My bet = 3% NiP under 67%, otherwise 3% Astralis

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NiP 60:40 Astralis


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