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2016/05/31 18:00 UTC

Winner NiP
OpTic Gaming

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NiP vs. OG at ELeague

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I’m gonna paste the same prediction for both maps because I believe that NiP will take both.

So we’re back with the ELEAGUE matches and this time we finally have an European team in the group, it’s NiP and they are the favorites to win this tournament alongside Luminosity. NiP really improved a lot lately and they are clearly playing better than they did with allu, winning Dreamhack Masters in Malmo was their breakthrough event and they’ve been doing very well since then, not the mention their record on ESL Pro League, 19 wins and 3 losses is very impressive. NiP recently had to “worse” matches, they lost to fnatic, Gamers2 and barely beat FaZe, but they were doing extremely well besides these three matches, rarely dropped any maps.

Optic Gaming is one of the best teams in the North American region at the moment, they are insanely good but have some internal issues and I’m affraid they might do another roster change and destroy the team anytime now, either way, they have been doing great lately, beating Tempo Storm twice on a lan event (MLG Minor Championship), and don’t forget about their amazing match against Astralis that they’ve had on ESL Pro League finals, they beat the danes 16-7 on inferno which is extremely impressive and this is probably their best results to this day. Optic also lost few matches, they got beaten by TSM in two or even three separate matches, also lost against Liquid recently, but overall they are very good and pretty consistent.

As much as I love Optic, I don’t see them beating NiP on any map, they definitely have a small chance since best of one is pretty random, but I strongly believe that NiP will take both, they practiced a lot and are definitely very serious about a $1.4M event, I’d suggest betting on NiP twice, or just skip if you don’t feel safe enough.

My odds for this match: NiP 80:20 OpTic Gaming


Alrighty so first map between these two and unfortunately we do not know the map so we are left guessing which is never fun. Going into this we have NiP as the clear favorite of course, however you can not discredit OpTic, they showed us that in BO1’s like this they can upset teams, think back to their most recently Astralis upset. I do think that given that this will be the first game of E-League and what not, NiP will try their best here, no messing around and take it, however gotta be careful once again as in a BO1, you win pistols you are given 6 rounds for free in most cases, that’s quite a lot and can win you the map. OpTic has players that can go off and win them games, Mixwell is really good, NAF when he is feeling it and what not, however against NiP it will be hard, and I am thinking the maps in my head and I just see OpTic struggling, hard. NiP seem to have found a second breathe and have been doing quite good for themselves, climbing back up the rankings and what not, and it is just tough to see OpTic beat them. 80-20 NiP here for me, not much else to say, pretty one sided game here .


8% NiP under 87%, otherwise SKIP/ICB OG

My odds = 80-20 NiP

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% NiP under 87%, otherwise SKIP/ICB OG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NiP 80:20 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

Token Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of money you don't mind losing.

The first map between these two is Cobble and it is a good map for both sides. I think OpTic are going to need a strong start, and we have seen NiP be slow starters before in tournaments, and then get stronger as it goes along. Most of you will probably remember their heavy defeat to Dignitas before going on to win the entire tournament. OpTic showed against astralis in a BO1 format if they are hitting their shots, they can be dangerous. I still thoroughly expect NiP to take this, but at these odds in a BO1, you would need to have serious balls to go on NiP, the kind of balls one needs to follow a kristyboi prediction with anything above 1% of their inventory. For me, I will purely ICB on OpTic and enjoy the show.

My odds for this match: NiP 75:25 OpTic Gaming

Option 1Bet NiP if odds 75% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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