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2016/06/01 20:30 UTC

Winner NiP

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NiP vs. Selfless at ELeague

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Once again I am going to write the same prediction for both maps as NiP should be able to win both with ease, Selfless is the weakest team on the entire event while NiP are one of the favorites to win go far in this league, they may have played quite bad against Gamers2 yesterday, but they won Dreamhack Malmo and a ton of online matches lately, not to mention that they went 19-3 in the ESL Pro League round robin stage and beat a lot of great teams there.

Selfless however used to be very good back when they had koosta in the team, but they changed few players and their results are crap now, another thing is that Selfless signed their new fifth like one or two days before their group stage matches which is just ridiculous. Selfless’ results are just bad, they’ve been losing majority of their matches lately, somehow managed to get 12 rounds on both maps against Gamers2, but as I said before, Gamers2 underestimated them and that’s basically the only reason they lost so many rounds.

Pretty easy matches for NiP, they should be able to take both quite easily, I can see Selfless winning a couple of rounds here and there since their players are decent individually, but there is no way they take a map off of NiP.

My odds for this match: NiP 90:10 Selfless


Gonna keep this short and quick since it is pretty much straight to the point. This new Selfless roster does not impress me, at all. I do not think that Selfless will win this, and even though I usually do not recommend going high on BO1’s, like if NiP lose this then I deserve to lose my 15%. The new addition to Selfless, Connor did not really impress me yesterday at all, looked quite poor but then again so did most of Selfless, and while they didn’t get absolutely smashed by G2, I do not expect much better from them here. NiP  lost to G2 yesterday too however NiP usually are slow starters, and if they lose this they could be in trouble, like even dropping a map to Selfless is poor. E-League and Selfless roster problems and just overall form has come up at the worst time possible for them, and while I do not think they could have caused much damage with Uber, now I just have 0 confidence. 90-10 NiP


15% NiP

My odds = 90-10 NiP

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% NiP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NiP 90:10 Selfless

First map between these two, and I don’t see NiP losing it. They seem to start slow vs G2 on both maps, before coming back but it was just not enough. Selfless showed signs against G2 that they are not a bad team, but going up against NiP, who are famously a side that does not really lose maps against lesser teams, will be incredibly hard. Cobble as well is not a map that Selfless are famous for playing at all, and although they did okay yesterday, I feel like it was G2 going poorly, more so than Selfless doing THAT well. They do have team work and organisation, but they don’t have the individual skill to take down NiP on a map like Cobble. MED on NiP here if you decide to bet.

My odds for this match: NiP 80:20 Selfless


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