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2016/09/13 14:15 UTC

Winner Gambit

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NokSuKao vs. Gambit Gaming

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Gambit online is a scary thing. They often seem like bots, and really struggle. I have no idea why this is the case but it has been and will be their ‘thing’. Their opponent today is not a bad side but despite close games against top sides, they have never managed to get one over the finish line and take a big scalp. I expect the same to happen today, and this one really could be a clencher. If you can get good odds on NokSu for 1 map, then I would honestly take that as I don’t reaaaallly feel comfortable ever betting on Gambit. If mou and adren go off, they should be able to take this game. NokSu to take 1 map and gambit to win for me.

My odds for this match: NokSuKao 35:65 Gambit

Gambit are back to being really bad online, losing to Tengri was quite surprising already, but that match against PuddiPuddi yesterday… It was a disaster. Gambit were down 1-10 against a bunch of nonamers and barely came back, both maps were very close and Gambit played like bots, they also went 1-1 against passions the day before, lost 4-16 on cobblestone and then barely won 22-19 on mirage, so that would be yet another upset if they didn’t win the second map in OT, can’t really trust Gambit these days.

NokSuKao is ex-Empire, they are not very good but not that bad either, managed to get 14 rounds againswt Alternate in ESEA Premier, beat teams like gBots, eSuba, ArchAngels and ggrab, also played a decent match against HellRaisers in Dreamhack Qualifiers, they lost 0-2 but it was pretty close. There’s a lot of fragging power on NokSuKao’s side, liTTle is a great awper, electronic is also very good, I’m pretty sure they could easily beat Gambit online, especially because it seems like Gambit don’t really care about this league.

I still think Gambit should be slightly favored here, but I just don’t feel safe betting on them so I’d play the odds with a small bet on NokSuKao.

My odds for this match: NokSuKao 50:50 Gambit


This is one that Gambit should be winning, however we have to keep in mind it is Gambit. They nearly lost to a team I’ve never heard of before yesterday which was just lol and shows the kind of team Gambit are. Gambit online can lose to anyone, but on LAN it seems they can beat anyone, tricky team. They’ve immersed as a meme of ”Gamblers Nightmare’ amongst the betting community, and that is for a very good reason. At times I think that Gambit just have too many ”Support” players, they need more fragging power. They have a lot of veterans of the game on the team, and while it is good for experience purposes and what not, their fragging power isn’t necessarily up there and often causes problems. NokSukAo is not the greatest of teams, they are good and have CIS players that have been around for a long time and are well know, however meh, really hit or miss this NokSukAo team I feel. Gonna keep this short and sweet since I’ve like 20 other matches to cover today…This should be a win for Gambit seeing how it is a BO3, however really high risk. 65-35 Gambit


5% Gambit under 72%, otherwise 2% NokSukAo

My odds = 65-35 Gambit

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Gambit under 72%, otherwise 2% NokSukAo

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NokSuKao 35:65 Gambit


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