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2016/10/08 07:30 UTC


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.Norway vs. CS:GO

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Could be a decent underdog here. I don’t think the mix team of Norway is that strong and their map pool is pretty weak. If you look at the guys in their team as well, they don’t really have a strong AWP, which is a big problem for them. Their results so far this event were mixed. I ignore the VP result because it didn’t look like the real VP. They lost against Russia and struggled against Bpro. Looking at iGame, they were raped by Dig on a map they don’t play, and lost in OT to Epsilon. I do think this one will be close, and Norway should probably take it, but at these odds you would be mental to bet on Norway.

My odds for this match: .Norway 60:40

Once more we have a mix team taking a real team, not a very good one though, iGame is ex-LGR for those who don’t know, they were very inconsistent and sometimes actually upset stronger teams like MK for example, now they are facing a mix of Norwegian stars and it’s definitely going to be hard for the finnish side, I believe they can do it though, I pretty much always follow my rule of betting against the mix teams, unless they odds are inaccurate, I’d probably go with Norway if iGame were the favorites here, but that’s not the case, the odds are extremely skewed towards Norway and definitely not accurate.

So far Norway had only one good match, they actually beat which is insane if you think about it, but then again, VP are playing really bad on this event, other than that Norway also beat Guerilla Method and Bpro, two terrible teams, and lost to Russia which is also not a good thing.

iGame made it to overtime against Epsilon and beat K1CK.oldschool, pretty good results if you ask me, clearly better than Norway’s if you don’t count their win against VP of course, the only bad match iGame had so far was against dignitas and they got wrecked 1-16, so that was actually a terrible match for the finns, they looked fine besides that one match and their online results were pretty good too, I’m sure they can upset Norway here and playing the odds is the only reasonable thing to do here, so just bet low on iGame.

My odds for this match: .Norway 55:45


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