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2016/06/07 18:00 UTC

Winner Astralis

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NRG vs. Astralis at ELeague

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Like ehmmm just no. Like why would you bet on this match when there is so many more that are just so much better. Lets look at facts here, No Karrigan for Astralis, the captain of the team, big miss? I’d say so, to the caliber of like a Device missing? No but still instrumental. They have Kjaerbye playing here, I think he will do really well, however do not want to rely on that, Zonic isn’t like a pro player who is actively practicing, so I do not expect him to frag. Kjaerbye hasn’t been in the roster for long, so I do not think he will be 100% here, plus first LAN for the team, confidence could be an issue. On the otherside, we have NRG who replaced Just9n and oh my god, finally, Silent. Now the Just9n one makes me a bit iffy however they did add Tabsen and Fugly who are two great players and should help them improve, however this is literally their first official match that we will see and plus it is LAN, so like why would I bet on this, just sit back, relax and see how the teams are performing with these rosters, especially NRG. Like I am not dumb, obviously Astralis should win this and most likely will just breeze past with a 2-0 here, however it is these small risks and inconsistencies that just mark the game as a ”nono” for me, you don’t need to chase bets, no need to be so aggressive, skipping is a very important aspect here, and this fits that category for me, especially since there is so many other matches. Overall, 75-25 Astralis. The star players for Astralis are still there, I expect them to demolish NRG here, however expectations do not always come into effect.


Skipping this.  Expecting a Astralis crush but yeah, no thanks, plus it being a BO1 makes it even less attractive.

My odds = 75-25 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 25:75 Astralis

Well… normally I wouldn’t even consider betting on this match, but there are two things that actually convinced me to try, the first thing is the fact that Astralis just went through a roster change in which they replaced cajunb with Kjaerbye, not to mention that they will also use zonic instead of karrigan for todays matches which is a pretty big downgrade in my opinion, so that’s it for Astralis, now the other thing is that NRG is basically a new team at this point, they replaced just9n and Sil3Nt with tabseN and FugLy, I really like that tabseN finally found a new team and having him in the team is big for NRG.

So these two things are basically the reason I wouldn’t touch it, but I actually decided to throw a small bet on NRG just because this match is gonna be a pug basically, at least on T sides, and honestly I think NRG can easily keep up with the aim duels against Astralis’ players, should be an interesting match to watch.

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 40:60 Astralis

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.

Pretty hard to call game as most of you already know, 2 new players for NRG, and the IGL missing for astralis. Thankfully the map is Cache, which is a map you can almost get by on the fly, everyone knows smokes for certain spots, and doing defaults or executes on this map are not THAT complicated with a new roster or a stand-in. The good thing for astralis is, even if they are missing their IGL, he was not that instrumental to the fragging power of the team, so they should still be good here with that. The old NRG roster, were pretty hit or miss on Cache, and although astralis have been in some moments, I do think they will still be too strong today. Because of the uncertainty surrounding this game, don’t risk your skins. ICB on NRG or SKIP.

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 30:70 Astralis


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