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2016/04/27 02:00 UTC

Winner NRG eSports
OpTic Gaming

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NRG vs. OG at ESL

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Going to keep these short since they all start so soon so gotta speed run them. 1st match of the day between these two and we are on Cache. Cache is a map that is good for both teams, all of NA can basically play it pretty well and is often upset heaven due to that. Ahm I would favor OpTic on the map however. NRG are a interesting team, I think they can be rather good at times, however I have little confidence in their fraggers. I think that Just9n and Silent can be good at times, especially Silent sometimes puts up large performances for his team, however he does not do it consistently. I think that if NRG were to pick up somebody who will frag for the team heavily on a consistent basis, the team will improve a whole bunch. OpTic obviously are looking really hot right now as they picked up Mixwell, Mixwell is god damn sick. I had high hopes when they announced him and boy oh boy is he living up to the hype I had put on him, even basically single handedly crushed Liquid yesterday, my team which I mean, made me extremely salty but he is sick, has the aim, has the game sense and seems humble, great player. If Mixwell, NAF and the rest are feeling it here, they should pick it up however consistently has been a problem with OpTic before, however now with Mixwell upgrade, got high hopes for the team as I said. 65-35 OpTic.


3% OpTic under 72%, otherwise 2% NRG.

My odds = 65-35 OpTic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OpTic under 72%, otherwise 2% NRG.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 35:65 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Bet NRG eSports if odds 28% or less
NRG eSports

Small (2%)

high risk

Important game here for NRG, who still have a very slim chance of making the top 4, if they can win these games tonight. They will be up against OpTic, who should be guaranteed a spot, but could do with perhaps 1 more win. Both sides are good at the first map, which is Cache. It is quite an easy map or organise things on, with most NA players seeing it as a strong map for themselves. OpTic of course off the back of a very impressive performance against Liquid on the same map, but we have seen them drop games from time to time against lesser sides. If NRG can start strong, and ptr hitting his shots, they have a small chance here, and as the odds stand, I would risk a LOW bet on NRG.

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 40:60 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 55% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (5%)

high risk


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