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OpTic Gaming


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2016/05/06 01:00 UTC

Winner compLexity Gaming
compLexity Gaming

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OG vs. coL at ECS

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This is a game that favors OpTic quite a bit, and given recent trends they really should be taking it. BO3 between these two in ECS, both teams will surely be taking this game serious and try their best to win here. Now CoL just replaced Shinobi with Android and I mean, it was coming for a long time, was just a matter of time, unfortunately I feel like it is a downgrade to Shinobi, a big one at that too, perhaps not in the fragging department, however Shinobi was and is an up and coming IGL for the NA scene I feel, and now you have Warden calling the shots, not sure how much trust I can put into him. Now CoL is not terrible on paper, individually at least. They have the two British talents in Surreal and Dephh who I feel are yet to truly show themselves, if they ever will, Sancz who is quite hit o rmiss however when he is hot he can be deadly, Witmer same boat and now with the addition of Android, another raw good fragger. CoL on paper definitely are not bad, they are just not clicking together and I mean, they could upset OpTic however it will be really difficult. OpTic as long as they do not disappear in this game here should be taking it. BO3 and just individually, chemistry wise and map pool, and basically in every aspect you have to favor OG here. If Mixwell and NAF step up, gg wp no chance CoL, or well so I hope. 70-30 OG


5% OG under 77%, otherwise 2% CoL. You could go 7% OG, however NA, I am not feeling it

My odds = 70-30 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% OG under 77%, otherwise 2% CoL.

My advice = Same as my bet. If feeling ballsy, go 7% OG.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 70:30 compLexity Gaming

Option 1Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 77% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (5%)

high risk

Complexity showed against TSM that when all their stars are aligned, they are not a bad side. They have some good fraggers and seem to be working hard on improving. The biggest issue tonight is, dephh will be playing from the UK. Clearly this will impact his performance, but he also played against TSM from London, and they were able to take that game so perhaps not so much should be put on this. OpTic have looked decent since they picked up maxwell, but not amazing. They were made to look completely average against VP, and although VP are still a top team, OpTic were very underwhelming. I do expect OpTic to take this game, but with odds like this, you have to ICB/LOW on coL as the risk vs reward is not worth it.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 70:30 compLexity Gaming

Option 1Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 70% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (5%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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