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OpTic Gaming


Best Of 1
2016/06/01 18:00 UTC

Winner G2

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OG vs. G2 at ELeague

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7:16 3 weeks ago



Gamers2 improved so much lately, they were out of top10 rankings for a moment and now they are considered as a top5 team again, however I still don’t feel safe betting on their matches even against weaker opponents like Optic in this case, Optic is still one of the best team in North America, they recently won the MLG Minor Championship beating Tempo Storm twice, and also managed to upset Astralis on ESL Pro League finals by beating them 16-7 on inferno in the group stage, so Optic are definitely scary and Gamers2 should never underestimate them.

So Optic got wrecked by NiP but they’ve been doing pretty well overall, I already mentioned the two most impressive results against Tempo Storm and Astralis, but they also beat a ton of great North American teams and have been playing extremely well every since they decided to sign mixwell, that was probably the best thing that happened to their team.

So the tricky part about this match is that Gamers2 didn’t lose a single map since ESL Pro League finals, they won 12 maps in a row and that’s insane because these maps were played against teams like NiP, fnatic,, dignitas and Selfless, so pretty much some of the best teams in the world besides Selfless of course. Gamers2 definitely look great, but I’m affraid that Optic could actually upset them, they used to upset great teams before and this is a best of one after all, the format is also very random.

I’m gonna go with an ICB on Optic for now, will also watch this match and then decide what to do in the next one depending on their performance in this match.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 30:70 G2

Option 1Bet G2 if odds 72% or less

Medium (10%)

high risk


Alrighty gonna keep this one pretty short and straight to the point since that is what the match is. Even though it is a BO1, I do not really see G2 losing this in their current form. G2 have definitely gotten like a injection of form and energy and are just demolishing everybody left right and center, and while yes OpTic is one of the better NA teams and have upset potential, eh it will be very hard. G2 actually did not look the best versus Selfless yesterday, however they did alright and I do not expect them to lose this. Looking at just the rosters man for man and then also the fact that G2 are the better team chemistry and what not wise,just looks painful for OpTic. Overall no point really rambling on for something obvious, I would not go high here due to the fact that it is the first game, and a BO1 so that’s not nice, however a medium fits. 75-25 G2


8% G2 here

My odds = 75-25 G2

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% G2

My advice = 8% G2.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 25:75 G2


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