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2016/04/25 04:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming


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OG vs. Liquid at ECS

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I went with Optic yesterday as I thought they would beat Cloud9 but they lost, today they are up against Liquid who recently lost their best player and replaced him with adreN, that’s a massive downgrade and Liquid had to do a lot of changes with the roles and such because of s1mple.

After all those roster changes that both Liquid and Optic had, I still think that Optic is a better team and they should be slightly favored, I’m not satisfied with their result against Cloud9 but the matches against CLG looked very promising, different story with Liquid who barely beat TSM in a best of three and they looked very shaky in that match, koosta also played surprisingly bad with the awp yesterday.

I’m not 100% sure if betting on this match is a good idea and I highly recommend to think twice before betting, however I feel like Optic’s odds are lower than they should and therefore I’m going with a low bet on Optic.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 50:50 Liquid

Option 1Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 50% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (2%)

high risk


Alrighty so a BO3 between this two should be a game that is very, very close unless one of the teams just does not turn up. I honestly feel scared for Liquid here, obviously OpTic have added Mixwell to their ranks and I think he is insane at times with the AWP when he is feeling it, and seeing how Koosta is performing in Liquid, if his trend continues here and Mixwell is feeling it, they seriously have no answer to him. Even if Koosta is having a good game, Mixwell is insane at times and he can be crucial for OpTic here, NAF has been showing signs of life too recently after his quite big slump recently, so that is good for the OpTic squad. I do still favor Liquid here, I think that on paper man for man Liquid are better here and experience wise and what not, Liquid is the favorite here, however the constant bumps in the road for them, and obviously losing S1mple can more than hurt them here, however yeah, I have them as the slight favorites. For me this is a 55-45 in favor of Liquid. Liquid played quite poor vs TSM yesterday while OpTic just trashed CLG, however CLG has been looking shockingly bad the past 4 games they’ve played, so that is that.


3% Liquid under 62%, otherwise 3% OpTic

My risk = High

My odds = 55-45 Liquid

My bet = 3% Liquid under 62%, otherwise 3% OpTic

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 45:55 Liquid

Option 2Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 38% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (3%)

high risk

OpTic should have won their game against C9, and if you count then 3 rounds they lost on T side, to eco’s and the 5v2 they lost, they would have won T side 12-3, and closed the map out, and the series 2-0. Unfortunately, they don’t play D2, and I have no idea why they left this map in vs C9, it was a huge risk and didn’t pay off at all. If they can remove this map against Liquid, they honestly have a good chance in all the other games. Liquid are not looking convincing right now on Train against Selfless, their CT side was horrendous, and although they could still close it out, and cache as well, they also looked shaky against TSM last night, and were honestly lucky to come out on top at all. With OpTic currently being the underdog, it seems to make sense to go on them, and I would suggest a LOW bet.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 45:55 Liquid

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