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2016/09/08 00:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming

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OpTic Gaming vs. SPLYCE

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So once again I think we will see OpTic taking this double header, everything is set up perfectly for them to win both maps today, the first one is mirage and then it’s cobblestone so they also couldn’t get more lucky with the maps here, these two are literally their best and I’m pretty sure Splyce are not happy about that. I watched a couple of Rank S games with Splyce’s players and their comms are ridiculous, Machinegun’s english is way worse than I thought, he had issues understanding basic callouts, and I think Splyce will need a lot of time to get it fixed, I’m expecting a lot of puggy plays from them at least in the first month with this lineup, so that’s yet another reason to bet on OpTic here.

OpTic is still one of the best teams in North America, they beat teams like TSM, Renegades and even Cloud9, also took a map off of Heroic, they are not very concistent though, still lost a lot of matches against Liquid, Echo Fox, Cloud9 and such, so anything is possible in a best of one. Either way, I think OpTic will take both and my opinion is purely based on the fact that Splyce just started practicing with Machinegun and his english is terrible, they will have a lot of communication issues.

Medium bet on OpTic twice is what I suggest, watching the first map and then betting on the second would be pretty smart too if you’re affraid to bet on the first one.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 70:30 Splyce

Don’t really feel that confident about either game here. First we have OpTic who may or may not be kicking daps who may or may not be playing tonight. Then we have Splyce, who now have machinegun but have basically not played with him at all and he apparently barely speaks English. Not the best games ever. Then we go onto the maps, we have Mirage, where OpTic got 10 rounds in their last 2 games combined, and Splyce only got 8 rounds against WFX. Cobble seems a little easier to predict as Splyce have never really looked good on this map, but still this is NA. I do favour OpTic but these 2 games are a mess in a lot of ways. LOW on OpTic for both.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 65:35 Splyce


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