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OpTic Gaming

ESL Pro League

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2016/10/26 14:45 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming

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OpTic Gaming vs. Team Liquid CS:GO

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Interesting match to start off with ESL Pro League Finals, I’m usually pretty good with NA predictions, not on lan though, and these two teams in particular, both are great and it’s hard to say which team is better at the moment, I’d say OpTic are slightly better since they did very well online as well as on lan events, while Liquid got wrecked by Immortals 16-1 and 16-2, which is a terrible result.

Another hard thing to predict here is the map veto process, both teams have very similar map pools, I’d say maps like cobble, overpass and cache should favor OpTic, while Liquid are definitely better on nuke, dust2 and maybe mirage (not sure about this one), train is 50/50. I’m not sure what’s the format here, but if they ban until there’s one map left, then we would most likely see train here, in that case I’d give OpTic an edge again, very small though, Liquid got demolished by Immortals and CLG and that’s really bad.

I’d go with a small bet on OpTic, not confident at all but they seem to be better right now, so let’s try that.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 Liquid


Being a Liquid fan this one hurts to predict but oh well it is what it is. Of course as most of you know Peacemaker left Liquid two days ago and that is a pretty huge miss. If you recall back to when Liquid didn’t have Peacemaker and Hiko or even Nitr0 at times were in-game leading, it really did not work out and the team was looking really bad……and I fear a repeat might return here. Peacemaker was instrumental to the team I feel in the strat department and while yes you can argue that versus OpTic you may not necessarily need the biggest of strats however this is something that adds more randomness to the matchup and makes Liquid weaker so we definitely have to take it into consideration. Historically and in the past few matches Liquid has gotten the advantage over OpTic because well, they are the better team however you can not count OpTic out and for me they are the favorites here ever so slightly. I think that OpTic is a team you need to look out for because they have a lot of fragging power in Rush, Mixwell, NAF and Tarik and if all these go off, especially versus a team like Liquid they can easily beat them. The problem with OpTic is keeping their cool and actually showing up and being consistent, however they’ve been in better form than Liquid so I mean that’s that. Overall, pains me to do so but got to favor OpTic here, I obviously won’t be betting since the match is pretty meh and as a Liquid fan can’t be betting against but yeah, 55-45 OG


3% OG under 62% otherwise 3% Liquid

My odds = 55-45 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OG under 62% otherwise 3% Liquid

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 Liquid

Hard to call game to be honest. OpTic have really stepped their game up recently and have never looked as good as they do now. Their form has been pretty good coming into this event. Liquid on the other hand, in their last outing were totally smashed by IMT. They recently lose peacemaker, and I am worried this will affect the side. Predicting the map here will be hard. It really could be anything from Cache/Train/Mirage/Cobble, and as with all BO1’s, the pistol sides are massive. If Liquid take both pistols, and anti ecos, regardless of the map or side, they will most likely win, which makes predicting these games so hard. I will have to call LOW OpTic though, as Liquid seem to be in a bit of a mess right now.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 Liquid


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