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RGN Pro Series

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2016/04/15 19:00 UTC

Winner Tempest

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Optimum vs. Tempest at RGN Pro Series

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Optimum vs. Tempest …. we face again. 2 weeks ago this match got played as well and Tempest won 2-0, I predicted Optimum as winners and the weird thing about this match was that on both maps Optimum were up 11-7 , choked all the way to 11-15, came back to 14-15, and lost 14-16. This exact pattern happened on both Inferno and Mirage, I’m not sure what was going on in that match but it looked a bit .. odd to me. IMO Optimum should have won both maps but didn’t. Honestly, I’m just going to call a skip this time, the last match was just a whole shitfest and I have no idea what will happen this time. I feel like if Optimum get their things together and don’t choke once again, they should be able to out-class Tempest here as they are the better players but then again; I would just stay away from this one. Skip it boys (;

My odds for this match: Optimum 50:50 Tempest

BO1 at Pro Series Challenge. These 2 teams have played each other once, where Tempest won 2-0 (16-14,16-14), but Optimum played with 1 stand-in. Optimum are a top Danish team with high skilled players, for example there is sycrone who played with NaToSaphiX and Magiskb0Y before, I’m in the same pracc group like them and they searching for games often, so I’m sure about, they’re practicing lots and wanna be better and better. They’ve been playing with the same lineup for a long time and they managed to beat lots of good team for example RCTIC 3-0, YP 2-0 and they had a lose against ex-Publiclir 16-19.

Tempest had a lineup change, 1uke left them and he signed to Binary Dragons and for his place dunno who signed. Today I think 1uke will stand-in for Tempest, but he played for 2months with them, so there wont be any problem. As I said it’s a BO1 match against two same skilled teams. Best maps for Optimum are Cache and Mirage and the worst two are Cobblestone and Dust2. For tempest the best can be Cache and Inferno and the worst are Overpass and Mirage for sure. If the map will be Mirage its around 70-30 in favour Optimum, but on the other maps ~50-50.

Low (5%) on Optimum if the lounge odds are less than 60%


My odds for this match: Optimum 60:40 Tempest

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.

Hard to call game here, but I honestly don’t really believe that Tempest should be favourites. They played once before, which ended 2-0 to Tempest, but both maps were 16-14, and since then Optimum have gotten stronger, and tempest weaker. Optimum had to play with a stand-in, instead of one of their best players, and arguable 2 of the best players from Tempest have now left. It is still a BO1, and honestly even if one side is weaker now, there is still potential for them to take it in these close matches. But with Optimum being stronger now, and being the current underdog, betting on them seems to make too much sense for you not to do it, if you want to bet on this match that is.

My odds for this match: Optimum 50:50 Tempest

Option 2Bet Tempest if odds 40% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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