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Hitbox Challenger

Best Of 3
2016/07/13 18:00 UTC

Winner Orbit
Space Soldiers

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Orbit vs. SpaceS at Hitbox Challenger

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So this match is basically the same as Orbit vs Kinguin that we’ve seen yesterday, Orbit pretty much always beat Space Soldiers, in fact Orbit lost only a single map against them in 2016, on another note Space Soldiers have barely any hours played in the last two weeks just like Kinguin, most of their players are sitting on around 30-40, one of them is even below 30 which is extremely low.

The results are also way better on Orbit’s side, they destroyed Kinguin 2-0 yesterday with a quick 16-3 on train and 16-9 on dust2, also beat teams like Delete, PLAYZONE, ArchAngels, AGG and Gambit, and the only team they lost to in the last month or two was Team X (ex-SK Gaming), so Orbit are on fire right now, can’t say the same about Space Soldiers though, they’ve been struggling lately, losing to ENCE and Kinguin is something I can understand, however Space Soldiers also got wrecked by Spirit, Gambit and even iNETKOXTV, not to mention that SS barely beat DenDD.

Orbit definitely look better and it seems like this match should be quite easy for them, but you never know with XANTARES, this guy can single handedly carry his team and sometimes it’s scary, however I don’t think it will be the case today, pretty sure Orbit will end up winning this match.

My odds for this match: Orbit 75:25 Space Soldiers

Orbit or MK as they are now known, will really want to win this game to impress any potential org that wants to pick them up. They have had some close games against SS before, which at least shows you this one could go the distance. Orbit have for the most part, been consistent lately, and yesterday completely destroyed Kinguin, which was really impressive. They are a side that I feel nervous betting on when they are heavy overdogs, as they have crumbled and lost me a lot of skins before. Overall, with the way these two played before, I wouldn’t feel comfortable going on Orbit if they were over 75% odds. If they are I will just ICB on SS, or SKIP. SS to take 1 map might be a decent LOW bet on fanobet too.

My odds for this match: Orbit 75:25 Space Soldiers

Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 22% or less
Space Soldiers


high risk


This is one that should be going in Orbit’s, or well now MK’s direction. No idea why they got dropped so quick by their latest org, Orbit however it is what it is. I do not doubt that they will have offers on the table, they are a good upper tier 2 team. You can not however ignore the fact that Orbit have lost to SpaceSoldiers before, and that matches between these two teams often times are quite close, however obviously mostly edging out towards Orbit. Orbit tends to be really up and down as a team, and it is really frustrating, especially since it is such a trend with so many tier 2 teams, even SpaceSoldiers are really up and down, at times they can really go off and punish teams, like Orbit and what not, and other times they just completely suck. SpaceSoldiers have players that when they are on form, most importantly Xantares, when he goes off they can compete with a wide range of teams, he is a really scary player when he is feeling it. The problem is, Orbit has more of these ”Xantares”’ in their team, Dreamer is excellent, Bubble and Victor can go off at any time too. The problem here is that it is Hitbox challenger, and while yes you can make the argument of ”Orbit will want to impress to attract new sponsors”, ehh, who watches and boasts about Hitbox Challenger victories. Overall, 70-30 Orbit here, I expect them to win this however an upset is not nearly far from happening here.


5% Orbit under 77%, otherwise 2% SpaceSoldiers

My odds = 70-30 Orbit

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Orbit under 77%, otherwise 2% SpaceSoldiers

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Orbit 70:30 Space Soldiers

Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 23% or less
Space Soldiers

Small (2%)

high risk


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