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2016/05/01 15:00 UTC

Winner Escape

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Penta vs. Escape at Dreamhack

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Escape went through a roster change recently, they replaced slap with glace and that’s a massive downgrade, slap is extremely talented and experienced while glace is not that great of a player but definitely more consistent, not like he’s bottom fragging every game but I don’t see him as a star or a standout player.

PENTA is definitely a more experienced / better team in this matchup, they are also bootcamping right now and that made me feel like they should be favored here, bootcamping is great and teams always perform way better after practicing that way. I’m also more satisfied with PENTA’s recent results, beating FlipSid3, DenDD and Alternate is not an easy task, they also wrecked eSuba, it was 2-1 for PENTA but the two maps they won went 16-1 and 16-5 in their favor so that match was definitely one sided.

This match is extremely risky and can go either way, but I think that PENTA will end up winning, they seem to be better right now and the bootcamp is a massive boost.

My odds for this match: Penta 60:40 Escape

Option 2Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


Yet another hard BO3, however important one so both teams should take it seriously. Escape just replaced Slap with Glace of course which is a decision that surprised me quite a bit. I mean Slap was supposed to be a lot better than what he was showing, however they gave him barely any time to settle in the team. I think it was a case of Preparation, Glace’s team disbanding and them just deciding to jump on the opportunity before some other team decides to. Glace seems to be a lot more consistent, I do not think that he has as high of a skill cap as Slap, however it is what it is. Escape were not necessarily showing bad results with Slap, not at all so definitely surprising.

Penta are currently bootcamping so that should definitely help them. A bootcamp does not always clear a teams problems, no, not at all,  that is not the idea I am trying to spread. However I feel that it is always better to have 5 of your players in the same room playing together than across the country somewhere, as it is easier to point out strats and what not when you are sitting beside the god damn guy. Penta themselves tend to be quite up and down, I always seem to fall into that trap and it rips me. I do feel they should be slightly favored here however I do not plan to bet on this. Given that Penta are so up and down, and this being Escape’s first game with Glace, I just want to see how it goes in terms of Escape. I am down to skip this just to see around how Escape do with Glace. 55-45 Penta


Skip this, just using this game as an opportunity to sit down and watch Escape with Glace. With it being a close to 50-50 game, not much need to bet on it considering odds are fair and will probably stay fair.

My odds = 55-45 Penta

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Penta 55:45 Escape

Two teams of a similar level that have never really played one another. It is quite unusual to see actually, that we cannot look at data between them both. I would say both teams suffer from inconsistencies, with their results being really mixed. Escape recently picked up glace, which should actually be a good pick-up for them and he was probably the best player in Preparation. Penta’s recent results have looked decent, beating DenDD, FSide, eSuba, and their only loss coming against Epsilon. Escape lost their last few games to CW and SK and they would have been disappointed with the loss to latter. Overall, this is a pretty even game, and if Escape are below 50%, I will drop 3% on them.

My odds for this match: Penta 50:48 Escape

Option 2Bet Penta if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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